We Found 16 Gluten-Free Foods at Trader Joe's That Are Delicious and Budget-Friendly

If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or you’re sensitive to gluten, you know that sticking to a gluten-free diet can be beneficial but challenging, to say the least. Goodbye, bread basket on the table. See you later, big bowl of pasta from your favorite Italian restaurant.

But guess what? It’s not all bad. Actually, going gluten-free allows you to get even more creative with your food choices, resulting in tasty eats that you may have overlooked previously (for example—who knew that cauliflower can be made into anything?). Also, as you know, sometimes gluten-free foods can be on the expensive side. This is why Trader Joe’s is a lifesaver for GF individuals looking for delicious, flavorful foods that don’t have gluten and are easy on the wallet. These 16 Trader Joe's gluten-free picks are about to revolutionize your palate.

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Best Trader Joe’s gluten-free food

Gluten-Free English Muffins

When first going gluten-free it can be hard to let go of those yummy breakfast baked goods. But with Trader Joe’s, you can bring them back, in the form of these English muffins that taste like the real thing. Check out Gluten-Free English Muffins at Trader Joe’s, $3.99, here.

Cauliflower Pizza Crusts

Cauliflower is basically your best friend if you’re gluten free, and, as it turns out, it makes for a pretty delicious pizza crust, like these at Trader Joe’s. Check out Cauliflower Pizza Crusts at Trader Joe’s, $4.99, here.

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Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns

Gluten-free hamburger buns can be really hit or miss. But these buns from Trader Joe’s have become universally beloved by GF devotees—they don’t flake or break like other wheat-free breads and they taste great. Check out Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns at Trader Joe’s, $3.99, here.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins

Why, yes—you can eat muffins while sticking to a gluten-free diet! These Trader Joe’s muffins, which contain flavors of cinnamon and coffee cake, are sure to liven up your breakfast. Check out Gluten-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins at Trader Joe’s, $4.99, here.

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Organic Stone Ground Blue Corn Taco Shells

Corn is another ingredient that’s helpful to gluten-free individuals. It’s especially handy during taco night, when these blue corn taco shells come to the rescue. Check out Organic Stone Ground Blue Corn Taco Shells at Trader Joe’s, $2.49, here.

Ube Mochi

Mochi, the sweet and adorable dessert from Japan, uses rice flour, so it’s all good for gluten-free diets. You’ll love the taste and texture of the Trader Joe’s version. Check out Ube Mochi at Trader Joe’s, $4.50, here.

Grainless Granola

It’s right there in the title. This granola is conveniently grainless for those on a gluten-free diet. With a sweet-meets-salty taste, the clusters are made up of almonds, coconut, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Check out Grainless Granola at Trader Joe’s, $3.99, here.

Almond Butter Puffs Cereal

You know what else you can still have on a gluten-free diet? Cereal! If you’ve been missing your fix, it’s time to pick up this almond butter puffs cereal, dusted with powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Check out Almond Butter Puffs Cereal, $3.49, at Trader Joe’s here.

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3 Seed Beet Crackers

These bright-red crackers contain a lot of ingredients—black sesame seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds to name a few. But you know what you won’t find in them? Wheat. Check out 3 Seed Beet Crackers at Trader Joe’s, $1.99, here.

Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza With A Cauliflower Crust

If you’re not in the mood to make your own gluten-free pizza, you can buy this ready-made version from Trader Joe’s complete with cheese and a cauliflower crust. Check out Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza With A Cauliflower Crust at Trader Joe’s, $4.99, here.

Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

You won’t believe that this Trader Joe’s mac and cheese is actually gluten-free. With its blend of four cheeses, pop it in the microwave and get ready for a satisfying gluten-free comfort meal. Check out Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese at Trader Joe’s, price varies, here.

Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks

Orange and chocolate is always a home-run combination and it’s gluten-free to boot. You won’t be able to stop munching on these dark chocolate orange sticks. Check out Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks at Trader Joe’s, price varies, here.

Everything But The Gluten Crackers

It’s true! These crackers basically have everything but gluten. They’re filled with good-for-you ingredients, like sunflower seeds, oat flakes and flax seeds. Check out Everything But The Gluten Crackers at Trader Joe's, price varies, here.

Falafel Mix

Many gluten-free enthusiasts turn to falafel whenever they need a stick-to-your-ribs, wheat-free meal. You can make your very own falafel using this mix from Trader Joe’s. Check out Falafel Mix at Trader Joe’s, $2.99, here.

Grainless Tortilla Chips

If you need something crunchy and gluten-free to go with your salsa, look no further than these grainless tortilla chips, healthy-fied with seeds and avocado oil. Check out Grainless Tortilla Chips at Trader Joe’s, $2.99, here.

Organic Açai Bowl

For a gluten-free meal with a hefty dose of nutrition, eat up this organic açai bowl. It’s packed with lots of good stuff, like berries, bananas, granola and dried coconut chips, and it happens to be gluten free. Check out Organic Açai Bowl at Trader Joe’s, $3.99, here.

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