Foster Mom Finding Stray Dog on Side of the Road Gives People Hope

One day TikTok user @streetheartstx was driving down the street when she noticed a dog roaming around. She knew she needed to stop and as she got closer, she realized this poor stray needed more help than she originally thought.

This clip has quickly gone viral with over 21.4 million views because with just one look at what this poor dog, TikTokeres are invested. The good news is that this dog is finally getting the help she needs. Check out this story.

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Ugh, our hearts have completely shattered. We can’t even imagine how much pain this poor stray dog was in.

“The sadness in her eyes,” said @honeybun0314. Right? She’s been through so much that it looked like she had no hope left. That is until she got a delicious McDonald’s treat. @kernelthegreatdane added, “That burger literally made her feel like the luckiest dog in the world.” It’s just the beginning of her new luck. She’s getting the help she needs and she’s finally going to get shown love.

Another TikToker, @eve_adams_777, wrote, “My heart hurt but so happy to see someone help her. You’re a beautiful soul.” You can say that again! Here’s the updated video everyone’s been waiting for.

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Poor baby! She’s only 4 years old and is going through so much. A pelvis fracture, swelling, hematomas, parasites and heartworm positive. We’re just so thankful she was found and with a foster family who is helping her get the medical attention she needs.

“Omg I thought she was pregnant, but it was all blood,” said @mlnsrvt. SAME. They drained 4 liters of blood. The creator said the vet and radiologist were shocked she was even walking. She’s truly a walking miracle! Our thoughts and prayers go out to this sweet dog as she goes into surgery this week.

If you'd like to help this sweet dog, please check out Lola's Lucky Day website or Venmo your donation to @lolasluckyday.

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