'Fortnite' Launches Chapter 3 Season 4 With Spider-Gwen

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Epic Games has continuously kept Fortnite fresh with its new game modes, collaborations and map updates. For Chapter 3 Season 3, this involved an event with Dragon Ball Super, the release of Darth Vader as the tier 100 battle pass skin and another collaboration with American artist KAWS. Now, with the announcement and release of Chapter 3 Season 4, there's an entire new set of rewards to earn and gameplay mechanics to master.

For this season's battle pass, key inclusions involve Spider-Gwen, Brie Larson as Paradigm and The Herald, a boss who players can fight at Herald's Sanctum. As for gameplay, Chrome serves as the new primary element of this season with new items featuring Chrome enhancements. First, Chrome Splash is a throwable item that can make walls penetrable, allowing for players to walk through them. Alternatively, the splash can Chrome-ify players, making them immune to fire damage and letting them transform into a Blob when sprinting, introducing new movement mechanics. The EvoChrome Shotgun and Burst Rifle come from Chrome Chests and increase in rarity the more you damage opponents with them, rounding out the new Chrome items.

Chapter 3 Season 4 of Fortnite is playable now on all platforms. Visit Epic Games for more information.

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