Former UFC Star Paige VanZant Reveals Why She Turned Down a $50,000 OnlyFans Request

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Paige VanZant hasn't been shy about her decision to leave UFC and join OnlyFans, where she says made as much in one day on the platform as she did in her entire fighting career. However, one recent fan request apparently went a bridge too far, and the 29-year-old turned down a sizable sum of money in the process.

The revelation came up on the most recent episode of VanZant's podcast Paige and Austin: A Kickass Love Story, which she hosts with her husband, professional MMA star Austin Vanderford. "Somebody wrote to me on OnlyFans and the offered my $50,000 to cut my hair to a bob," she admitted during the episode, released on Wednesday.

"He wanted an undercut, which is when you shave the back of your head and you can put designs into it," VanZant explained. "And then you leave the bob, like you leave some hair so you don't always see like the back of the head, but when you pull your hair up it's shaved underneath."

VanZant said that while she has previously worn her hair short and that it looked "super cute," she's been in the process of growing her hair out for the past few years. However, that's not why she ultimately turned down the unusual request.

"The caveat was I had to mail him all my hair," she deadpanned.

"That's where it got weird for me," Vanderford interjected. "I mean, the first one's a no brainer, if someone offers you $50,000 to cut your hair, you're gonna cut your f--king hair." For her part, VanZant agreed that the hefty sum of money was why she had been on the fence about it.

"Do you know how long it took me to grow my hair this long?" she asked. "But the reason I super, super was like, no, I can't do that, is because we had just gotten done watching the Gypsy Rose [Lifetime docuseries], and she's going off about how she believes that her mom put a hex curse on her because she stole some of her period blood and then buried it in the backyard."

"So then it got me thinking, I'm like, OK if I mail my hair—not that I necessarily believe in any of that," VanZant continued, trailing off. However, she conceded that she did give it serious thought for a few days before ultimately deciding against it; a decision her husband was likewise on board with.

"I don't know why selling pictures of my body on the internet doesn't seem that bad to me," she added. "But like chopping my hair off for somebody and mailing it to them, that kind of crosses the line for me. That makes it seem a little weird."