Former tennis star Jelena Dokic reveals she nearly took her own life in Instagram post

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Former Australian tennis star Jelena Dokic has opened up about trying to take her own life amid mental health struggles.

On Monday, the 39-year-old posted a picture of Instagram of herself crying and wrote that on April 28 she “almost jumped off [her] 26th floor balcony” because she “wanted the pain and suffering to stop”.

She said: “Everything is blurry. Everything is dark. No tone, no picture, nothing makes sense….. just tears, sadness, depression, anxiety and pain,” Dokic wrote in her caption. “The last six months have been tough.”

Earlier this year, the 2000 Wimbledon semi-finalist said she was struggling following the breakup of her partner of 18 years, Tin Bikic.

She continued: “It’s been constant crying everywhere.

“From hiding in the bathroom when at work to wipe away my tears so that nobody sees it to the unstoppable crying at home within my four walls has been unbearable. Constant feelings of sadness and pain are just not going away and my life has been shattered.

“I blame myself. I don’t think I am worthy of loving and I am scared. I also know that I still have so many things to be grateful for and then I start to hate myself because by feeling this way I feel like I am not grateful because I mustn’t be since I want to end it all. Such a vicious cycle in my head.

“The result: almost jumping off my 26th floor balcony on April 28th. Will never forget the day, I just wanted the pain and the suffering to stop. I pulled myself of the edge, don’t even know how I managed to do it.”

The former tennis pro, who retired in 2014, said getting professional help “saved” her life.

She also said that she decided to share her experience with her 86,000 followers “I know I am not the only one struggling.

“Just know that you are not alone. I am not going to say that I am doing great now but I am definitely on the road to recovery.

“Some days are better than others and sometimes I take a step forward and then a step back but I’m fighting and I believe I can get through this.”

Giving advice to others who may feel low, she said: “It’s ok to feel this way and you can come back from it.

“It’s possible, just keep believing. Love you all and here is to fighting and surviving to live and see another day.”