Former Subway worker captures eerie encounter on camera

A former Subway worker is understandably petrified after rewatching an old video and noticing something seriously spine-chilling. The former employee, Savannah Stuebs, uploaded a video of the hair-raising incident to TikTok on Oct. 8. Stuebs explained that she was going through her Snapchat memories when she came across the video. In the video, taken inside of a Subway restaurant, there appears to be some sort of person hiding inside of the trash can. When Stuebs zooms in on the trash can, you can very clearly see somebody’s eyes and the outline of a nose. “I literally have goosebumps,” Stuebs said in reference to the strange figure in her video. “Wtf is that”. She wasn’t the only one who was left disturbed by the unidentifiable creature. “I started crying when I saw it,” one person said. “The blinking omfggg that’s so scary,” another added. In a follow-up comment, Stuebs noted that she lives in Atchison, Kansas, which she says is “one of the most haunted towns in America”