Former Insomniacs Call This the ‘Holy Grail’ of Sleep Masks—and It’s On Major Sale Right Now

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Fans rave the sleep mask is a “game-changer” for getting better sleep.

<p>Health / Jaclyn Mastropasqua</p>

Health / Jaclyn Mastropasqua

We all know that sleep is precious, but between our hectic schedules, stressful workloads, and jam-packed social lives, few of us actually wind up getting the shut-eye each night that our bodies truly need. It’s no wonder then why the CDC once called sleep deprivation a public health epidemic or why so many Americans are on a constant quest for “that one thing” that will finally solve all their sleep problems.

For nearly 80,000 Amazon customers, the “secret” to getting more shut-eye may not be such a secret at all. (And no, it doesn’t involve taking low doses of melatonin or using fancy white noise machines and weighted blankets, though you may find those helpful, too.) Instead, the answer for them is a $21 sleep mask designed to block out light, mold to your face, and basically feel like a mini-vacation for your tired eyes—and for a limited time, you can score one from Amazon for nearly 30 percent off!

It’s called the 3D Contoured Eye Mask from Mzoo, a one-size-fits-all sleep mask made for both men and women.



To buy: Mzoo Sleep 3D-Contoured Eye Mask $21.99 (was $29.99);

Despite what you might think, sleep masks aren’t just for looks. One recent study found that wearing overnight eye masks can actually improve a person’s overall sleep quality, which in turn strengthens their memory and alertness while awake. There are other proven health benefits to getting more sleep too, like reducing stress, boosting your mood, preventing illness, and even staying at a healthy weight.

Many of the Mzoo’s five-star reviews credit the mask with breaking them out of unhealthy sleep cycles that plagued them for years.

“This mask is the holy grail of sleeping eye masks,” one reviewer said. “The strap is adjustable, there is cushioning surrounding the socket of the mask, and a hollowed out area for your eyes so there isn’t too much pressure on your face. The strap is also a little wider than other masks so it doesn’t slip. Everything about this mask is perfect.”

The concave eye cups are made with a soft and comfortable rebound memory foam, and are specially designed to let the eyes blink freely so they don’t feel any unwanted pressure or restriction. This also makes the eye mask ideal for more than just overnight snoozes. Many customers say they have used it for midday naps, daily meditations, or even long-haul flights and car trips. Each mask even comes with its own silky dust bag and a pair of single-use ear plugs, making it perfect for all kinds of travel.



To buy: Mzoo Sleep 3D-Contoured Eye Mask $21.99 (was $29.99);

“As someone who struggles with getting a good night's sleep, I've tried my fair share of sleep masks,” another Amazon customer shared. “But none of them compare to this one!”

Specifically, the customer said they liked how “gentle” and “soft” the fabric was against their face, the way it stayed firmly in place during the night, and the way it completely blocked out every source of outside light.

“This mask is a game-changer!” said another Amazon reviewer who needs it for overnight shifts at work. “I am a very picky sleeper and can only sleep in my bed when it is dark. Even black-out curtains don’t truly block enough sunlight for me. Since starting a night position, this has been my saving grace.”

While some reviewers say they’ve been using the mask for months or even years, at least one customer said they knew right away that this one was different.

“I have had this sleep eye mask for one night and it has already changed the way I sleep,” they shared. “You won’t need another mask... Save yourself the trouble and just get this one.”

To buy: Mzoo Sleep 3D-Contoured Eye Mask $21.99 (was $29.99);

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