Former employee takes work files after quitting over 'disrespect' and low pay: 'Morally, you’re absolutely right. Legally, however…'

A woman claims her former employers are lost without her after she quit her job.

TikToker @_queerbigan sat down for a storytime about the 24 hours after she left her job as an executive assistant. She took her “training files” with her on her way out because she felt so “unappreciated” at work. The creator claimed that since she resigned, her old boss is begging for her help.

She explained that not only was she “underpaid” for the duties of her regular job but she was not paid for all the additional work she did. When she asked for a title change — not even a raise — they declined and told her it was because it would be “too confusing.”

So she took the training files she created, but within 24 hours, her boss was texting seeking those very files.

“Like bro do not disrespect one of the key reasons you even hit production goals and get five star reviews!” she wrote in the caption.

The video racked up over 3.3 million views. People on TikTok warned her that she may be into legal trouble for taking the files.

“Word to the future peeps. Next time don’t admit you took them. Though you created them they were made at work and it’s their intellectual property,” a user commented.

“Oh their legal team is about to love you,” someone wrote.

“I hear you, and morally, you’re absolutely right. legally, however… that’s a different story,” a person said.

However, @_queerbigan replied that “they didn’t have me sign a contract until after I created these documents and even then the contract was…very badly written.”

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