Ford Will Reportedly Pay Dealers $15,000 Per Mustang GTD Sold

2025 ford mustang gtd
Ford Reportedly Paying Dealers $15,000 Per GTDFord

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When the Ford Mustang GTD arrives in the near future, it will be the single most ambitious muscle car ever made. It will also cost somewhere around $300,000, but the high-end car market has repeatedly proven that it can stomach prices that high, and demand can still stretch past that original MSRP. Ford reportedly has a plan in place to keep this in check, one that should reward dealerships handsomely as well.

According to a report from Cars Direct, the procedure was detailed in a letter sent to dealers last week. The letter reportedly explains a procedure that would see the car invoiced at its original MSRP rather than with a margin in between for dealer profit. Instead, the dealership would then get a direct payment of $15,000 upon delivery of the car. This is apparently the same procedure used with dealership deliveries of the last-generation Ford GT, and it effectively replaces the difference between invoice pricing and the suggested retail price.

In theory, that would allow Ford to guarantee both the sale price of the car and the profit that a dealer would make on a transaction. In practice, the letter does not seem to detail any specific restrictions on an additional markup over the MSRP that would stack on top of the reported $15,000 payment directly from Ford.

Ford did not immediately respond to Road & Track's request for comment on the program.

Applications to purchase the Mustang GTD are now open. Ford's website notes that a concierge from the car-specific program will reach out to applicants within 30 days of registering their interest. Ford previously used an intensive application process when it sold the last-generation GT.

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