Foodie Interview: Luke Bryan on Barbecue, Popcorn, and Whiskey


Singer and songwriter Luke Bryan’s fifth album, Kill The Lights, is dropping Friday, and we caught up with the country heartthrob about some of his favorite restaurants to check out while he’s on tour, and what he likes to cook when he’s got some downtime at home.

Where are some of your favorite places to get southern classics? Who do you think serves the best barbecue in Georgia?  
When I am at home my go to is Christy’s in Columbia, Tenn. Blackbeard’s in Albany is my favorite barbecue in Georgia.

We have to ask … what’s your favorite whiskey to make your baby feel frisky?
Angel’s Envy

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Do you cook? What are your favorite dishes to make? 
I enjoy cooking when I can. My favorite thing to make is homemade chicken and rice soup. My dad has a special barbecue sauce that we are addicted to so I always whip that up if we are making our own barbecue at the farm.

What are some of the cities you’re hitting on the tour, and restaurants and dishes you’re looking forward to?  
I never get tired of good sushi. Nobu is one of my favorites when we are in New York, Los Angeles, or Vegas. For the other end of the spectrum I love hitting up Dreamland barbecue when we are in Alabama and Rudy’s in Texas.“

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Is there anything that you start craving on the road?
A good cup of coffee, which I have down to a science now.

What’s your guilty pleasure food?

We hear about funny tour riders  … anything you must have while you’re performing?
Just a good ol’ bag of yellow Lays pre-show.

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What’s your typical food day while eating on the road?
I honestly don’t eat a bunch on the road. Usually a bowl of soup or lately I have been addicted to making a good old-fashion BLT.

Anything you need to make sure you eat to keep feeling good?
I just try to eat as healthy as I can out there and stay away from after-show food.

Any ingredient you absolutely can’t stand?
Clove garlic … stay away!

Luke Bryan will be performing Friday, August 7 in New York to celebrate the release of his album Kill the Lights. The concert will stream live at 9 p.m. ET on Yahoo’s Live Nation channel as well as on the Yahoo Screen App on mobile devices.