The 13 Best Food Storage Containers to Clean Up Your Cluttered Pantry

This most recent Amazon Prime Day, you stocked up on items for your workout and entertainment, but what really flew out the door was a humble little item that will stealthily change your life. We’re talking the unsung hero of your kitchen, the food storage container set. Inspired by our reader’s zeal for neatening up their cupboards, countertops and fridge, we’ve done a deep dive into the best 13 food storage containers on the market. Shop now, and you’ll never be searching for a top for that pasta salad you’re hauling to the family picnic.

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1. Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage 16-Piece Set

You can use these stackable containers in the fridge or the pantry, and the half- and 1.3-cup sizes are great leakproof carry-along sizes for lunch and snacks.

$60 at Amazon

2. Zip Top Reusable 100% Silicone Food Storage Bags and Containers, Set of 8

Non-toxic silicone is a game changer in the kitchen, since it goes from the freezer to the microwave safely and its flexible surface makes it easy to squeeze air out. These are designed with a flat bottom that stands up, and a zip-top that stays open (say if you want to pour your soup in before freezing it). And the materials are even approved to clean in the bottom rack of your dishwasher.

$90 at Amazon

3. Amazon Basics Glass Food Storage Containers, 20-Piece Set

Want to pop your leftovers in the microwave without worrying about plastic containers degrading? Store your food in these borosilicate glass bases with BPA-free plastic lids, then just replace the lid with a paper towel in the microwave to reduce splatters.

$31 at Amazon

4. Oxo 5-Piece POP Container Set

Airtight, stackable and useful for tight spaces, this dishwasher-safe set accommodates spaghetti, rice and other essential dry goods, all with that satisfying suction-closure button on top.

Buy It ($50)

5. Progressive ProKeeper+ 12 oz. Mini Food Container With Shaker

The airtight latch-close lid has a removeable shaker-leveler insert so you can measure out coffee or sugar exactly—using only one hand.

Buy It ($8)

6. Made by Design 40-Piece Plastic Food Storage Set

Want a one-click pantry/refrigerator makeover experience? This set of 20 matching lids and tops will replace all the mismatched storage that’s cluttering up your cabinets.

Buy It ($30)

7. OXO Good Grips 30-Piece Smart Seal Glass & Plastic Container Set

The plastic lids are engineered with a silicone seal that means they won’t leak even if they jostle sideways in transit, and the glass vessels are hefty glass that’s microwave-ready.

Buy It ($128; $100)

8. Vtopmart Refrigerator Organizer Bins, 4 Pack

These 14.5-inch-deep plastic bins keep your yogurt separated from your apples, separated from your canned beverages. And they have useful handle grips in case you need to pull out a whole bin (say, where you put all the ingredients for one meal) and tote across the kitchen.

$19 at Amazon

9. Oxo Good Grips On-the-Go Silicone Squeeze Bottle, 2 Pack

It’s a drag to waste those last couple servings of your freshly made salad dressing or sauce. Now you don’t have to with this 2.3-ounce squeeze bottle.

Buy It ($10)

10. Verel Glass Food Storage Containers with Bamboo Lids, 4 Pack

There’s a silicone seal that keeps the lid airtight (and we love that since lids are bamboo, you can use them as mini-cutting boards).

$39 at Amazon

11. Oxo Good Grips Pop Large Cereal Dispenser

Never again pick up your cereal box to discover someone finished it without buying a new box. Oh, and thanks to this container’s airtight silicone seal, enjoy that fresh-box crunch with every serving.

Buy It ($30)

12. 1-Gallon Glass Slant Jar with Matte Black Lid

Use it for coffee pods, grain or sure, cookies—there’s a polypropylene gasket in the lid to make sure everything stays fresh.

Buy it ($17)

13. The Home Edit by iDesign Divided Fridge Drawer

These little fridge drawers are clear plastic and pull out so that you have one or two compartments to store snacks or leftovers in. It’s especially useful for making a snack zone in your refrigerator so that foragers don’t go plundering other zones when looking for a snack.

Buy It ($23)

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