Food Network star Guy Fieri just shared his four chef-approved quarantine finds

Whether you're a home chef or a professional, you'll love his picks!

Video Transcript

GUY FIERI: Hey, how you doing? Guy Fieri here, this is new in the Q. Where uh, well, celebrities and all kinds of folks are telling you what their obsession is during the quarantine. All right, so let's talk about things. I mean, as a chef, of course I've got a million obsessions in the kitchen.

From, you know, every piece of equipment. To the type of stove that I'm using, my wood fired oven. But when I was really breaking it down, thinking, you know, what are the things that I can not work without? We'll start with the first one, we'll start with a pepper grinder.

Fresh cracked pepper. If you like coffee, then you'll get the concept. You know, when you drink a cup of coffee, and they grind the beans, and they make the espresso, and they make the americano, or they make the-- the French press. That fresh ground coffee, you can't beat it.

Now this is a Turkish coffee mill, but they also make them that they become pepper grinders. And this fresh grinds the pepper each time. We all have that pepper grinder, but this will get you some volume. I mean, this thing will really crank it out.

And I probably got about five of them in my kitchen, and two or three out here. I give them for Christmas gifts all the time. You can find your favorite on, you know, online. But this right here, without a doubt, makes a huge difference in the food.

So I partnered with a team called Ergo Chef. And it's two brothers that have em-- eh heh, crazy imaginations. And also work inside of my ideas of what a really great knife is. So as a chef, I got to design this knife exactly the way I wanted it. And Ergo Chef is based off of the principles of having a really good ergonomically designed knife, that sits good inside of your hand but also keeps your body aligned when you're chopping.

One of the biggest things people don't like about cooking is doing the mise en place, doing the prep. Getting ready. A great knife make all the difference in the world. Anything that you enjoy, or that you do repetitively, you should have the best piece of equipment. And that right there--


That's my baby.

A really good cast iron pan. A seasoned cast iron pan, and one that's taken care of, will help you so much in the kitchen. One, never wash it with soap and water. Hit it with a heavy scrubby. Get it in there with a putty knife if you need to. And then give it a little rub it with some oil and just let it sit natural like that.

One of the reasons I love cast iron so much is because it holds on to heat. You're not relying just on the heat coming from the bottom of the burner, you're actually heating up this entire pan. Say that you're-- that you're cooking anything that you want to keep that temperature consistent, this will do it because of the thickness of the pan. So, give your cast iron some love.

And last but not least, my partnership with Heluva Good. So we got a call, they said, what could you do with Heluva Good, with all these different dips that they make, how could you incorporate these into recipes? And so we've had a blast. Hunter and I, uh-- and actually my entire family were a road trip. We had the dips with us, and we were going to camp sites, and we were coming up with different ideas about what to do with it.

This is one of my favorite, by the way. This is the fully loaded French onion chicken. And it's-- it's everything you love about French onion soup, and a chicken dish, and-- and baguette, and cheese, and Heluva Good French onion dip, all combined in one. Those are my obsessions. That's what we've been doing at the Fieri house during quarantine.