Food delivery driver stuns customer with heartwarming text exchange

A food delivery driver is going viral thanks to his tear-jerking exchange with an unhappy customer. The moment comes courtesy of a TikToker named Julia (@dimarjulia). Her now-viral clip shows what happened after she told her food delivery driver she’d been having a bad day. According to Julia’s clip, she wasn’t very specific about why she was upset. Still, her driver decided to try and make her feel better. Julia’s video, which now has more than 1.3 million views, shows a text exchange between her and the driver. Apparently, the driver decided to surprise Julia by paying for her lunch. “I’m not trying to hit on you or be awkward, but lunch is on me today,” the driver’s alleged text reads. “I put your money in your mailbox, hopefully this is able to change your bad day and slowly turn it towards a good one. Enjoy and be safe!”. Julia and the driver went on to exchange several texts, including sharing one another’s names. She even invited him to the restaurant where she works, so she could pay him back for the free meal. “Modern day love story,” she captioned her post