Fly By Jing Is Celebrating Its Fourth Birthday With Up to 25% off Sauces, Gift Sets, & More

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Fly By Jing is celebrating its birthday this month and through Friday, March 3, the company is offering some major discounts on sauces, pantry items, gift sets, and more.

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The company started in 2018 by Jing Gao, a chef and entrepreneur who set out to bring Chinese flavors of her hometown in Sichuan Province to the rest of the world. While ingredients are sourced locally in Sichuan and Guizhou, Fly By Jing takes pride in its vision to prop up one person’s recipes and not conform to anyone else’s notions of taste or tradition. What you get from that is some rich flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

To celebrate its birthday, Fly By Jing is offering up to 20% off sauces, 10% off pantry items, up to 25% off gift sets, and up to 25% off merch.

The By Jing Box is a great place to start. The gift set contains the Sichuan chili crisp which is the first and only 100% all natural-Sichuan chili sauce. You’ll also get a chili crisp vinaigrette, a Zhong sauce, a Mala spice mix, and the Sichuan Gold. This chili oil spiked with Sichuan tribute peppers was featured on the popular YouTube series, Hot Ones, in which celebrities answer interview questions while eating progressively hotter wings. Actors and actresses like Paul Dano, Kate Hudson, and Zoë Saldana can be seen tingling their tastebuds with the show’s first-ever Chinese hot sauce. That whole five-piece set is 20% off at the moment for the birthday sale.

Fly By Jing Birthday Sale—Save on Hot Sauces, Gift Sets, & More
Fly By Jing Birthday Sale—Save on Hot Sauces, Gift Sets, & More

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