Fluffy Samoyed Brings One of Our All-Favorite Memes to Life

'This is fine.'

One of the best memes of all time is taken from an issue of the webcomic series Gunshow that shows a dog just sitting there in a room engulfed in flames and he has the caption 'This is fine.' It works for some many situations! Your partner texts you to says the dishwasher exploded? You reply with the meme. You can't find your car keys and you're late for work and you just spilled coffee all over your shirt? THIS IS FINE. It's all fine.

<p>KC Green</p>

KC Green

That's why we are all loving this ridiculously cute video that @BifftheSamoyed posted to TikTok. He absolutely nailed the meme with adorable big ol' Biff.

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People are loving this with @Potatoe posting,"Literally the most perfect meme to be created. @Dean says, "Haha the commitment to the meme here!" @FureverUS posts, "Doggo understood the assignment." He did, indeed! All the other comments are from TikTok users freaking out because Taylor herself "liked" this video - maybe because she was excited about the use of her "Anti-Hero" song in the video. We love it!

Now if we could just get a cat or a dog to recreate the 'Disaster Girl' meme our life would be complete!

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