Flower Delivery, Discounted Gift Cards and Getaway Deals? Shh—12 Secret Costco Perks To Know About

More people should know about these underrated benefits.

From free samples of everything you could imagine to larger-than-average packaged products, Costco is full of awesome amenities. There are different membership options, starting from $60 and capping at a $120 annual fee for their Executive Membership—not too shabby for a place that's seemingly got it all. Plus, there are all sorts of secret Costco benefits that you may be missing out on!

If you're only using your Costco membership for shopping, it's time to branch out and start utilizing all of its secret benefits. Yes, they go far beyond the $1.50 hot dogs you can get at their concession stand before or after shopping.

Your Costco membership has benefits that could be seriously saving you money. Gas is expensive these days, right? Same with traveling? Good thing Costco has ways to save on both. And that's not all. Here are 12 secret Costco perks you need to know about.

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12 Secret Costco Benefits

1. Travel Deals and Discounts

Traveling is expensive these days, but we all deserve a getaway from time to time. Luckily, Costco offers savings and discounts on hotels, rental cars, cruises, theme park tickets and more. Costco Travel even has its own website dedicated to the deals, so you'll be covered no matter where you want to go.

2. Low Gas Prices

You may have seen the Costco gas stations nestled close by the store. Next time you're shopping, make sure it's also when you need to fill up on gas. The pumps are exclusive for members only and they offer quality gas at a much lower rate than your 7/11s and Wawas.

3. Costco Optical

If you're in need of an eye exam or are in the market for new sunglasses, head to Costco Optical. They offer tons of various brands of contacts and prescription glasses at a better price. Plus, their centers are equipped with trained professionals that can ease any worries you may have.

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4. Prescription Medication

Costco has a prescription drug discount card program for members and their eligible dependents with the ability to obtain lower prices at participating pharmacies. With the cost of prescription drugs continuing to rise, this is a sweet money-saving perk. You can also get medications for your furry friends.

5. Insurance Coverage

That's right, Costco can also help with your insurance coverage needs—ranging from auto to home. You can also find life insurance, health insurance, identity protection for you and your family, and pet insurance.

6. Tire Center

Along with the exclusive member-only gas pumps, Costco also has its own tire center. They're always rolling out new deals on sets of four tires. Plus, every tire purchase includes a five-year road hazard warranty.

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7. Flower Delivery

Need flowers delivered to that special someone? Is someone close to you is going through a loss? A flower delivery is sure to put a smile on their face no matter the occasion. If you can't get the flowers to them yourself, Costco offers flower delivery services—they even have same-day options.

8. Tech Support

If you bought a tech product at Costco, like a new TV, and are having trouble installing it—you guessed it, Costco can help with that. It's called Costco Concierge. You can think of them as the Geek Squad of Costco. They'll help you troubleshoot and get properly set up with your new gadgets.

9. Discounted Gift Cards

No one can deny that gift cards are a great go-to gift when you're in a pinch or aren't sure what to give someone. Costco often sells discounted gift cards, which means you can stock up.

10. Water Delivery

Members can get bottled water delivered to their homes or offices—you can even set up a schedule to get deliveries every two weeks.

11. Discounted Movie Tickets

Get some special deals on Regal, Cinemark or AMC movie tickets.

12. Discounted Apple TV+ Subscription

All of the streaming services (and their costs!) these days make it seem like you're back to paying for cable. Lessen the impact on your wallet by taking advantage of the discount you can get from Costco for your Apple TV+ subscription.

Additional Costco Benefits

But wait, there's more! Costco has a hearing aid center, as well as discounted bank checks, a discount on Apple News+ and more. The perks expand far beyond what meets the eye when you're solely focused on grocery shopping.

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