Florida bride gets married at Orlando hospital hours before having a baby

ORLANDO, Fla. - It’s only been a few months since Brianna Cerezo and her husband Luis packed up their things from New York and moved to Central Florida to start her family.

Little did they know the doctors and nurses at AdventHealth would end up coming to their rescue, during their first few weeks in Florida.

"I never heard of anyone getting married in a hospital before we did," said Cerezo. "I’m very grateful to them. They really made us feel like a part of the family."

Cerezo was due on February 26, but ended up in the ER sooner than expected after being sick with Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

The doctors decided to induce her, which happened to be just one day before her wedding day.

"They brought us upstairs to labor and delivery and the nurse is asking the regular questions asking if we're married, and I told her funny story actually were supposed to go tomorrow to get married, but I ended up here, and now they’re going to induce me so we can't go anymore, and she goes, ‘oh, well I have a chaplain here that can marry you’ and I go ‘haha,’ a nervous laugh like, ‘OK,’" said Cerezo.

Within a few hours, the staff at AdventHealth put together an entire wedding ceremony, all while Cerezo was having contractions.

"Everyone on the floor is talking about it, it was room 9 so now room 9 has become the hot spot and everyone’s like, ‘we need to go meet the bride’ and this and that," said AdventHealth nurse Gabriela Pinzon.

Pinzon is one of the nurses who helped make Cerezo’s both delivery day and wedding day special.

"Things didn’t start to get too real for me until I saw people pull flowers from the gift shop and planning the music for the ceremony. I’m like, ‘oh we’re really doing this' and then I said, ‘it’d be so cool if we could have her wear a wedding dress,’" said Pinzon.

That thought became a reality.

"I walk in with a couple of bed sheets and say, what did you want for your wedding? What did you have in mind? Did you have a dress picked out, and she pulls up this pic on her phone of a dress she was going to order on Amazon, and in my head I was like, ‘please be simple, please be simple’. Luckily it was simple enough where I felt confident enough I could pull some quick materials we had on the floor put it together," said Pinzon.

"I was sitting on the bed while all this was going on and all I seen was bedding sheets flying and stitches and within 30 minutes I had the same dress I picked out originally," said Cerezo.

Since Cerezo was already planning on being married the very next day, she already had the rings and paperwork in her purse, ready to go.

"When they came in to originally do the ceremony, I was standing here, and they were just moving everything in a movie set. Everyone came in together and just moving stuff out, it all happened so fast," said Cerezo.

Now, a wife to Luis and mother to baby Landon, Cerezo told FOX 35 she can’t thank the staff enough for going above and beyond for her family.

"It was so wonderful. Everyone came together and did their part, not just the dress, but the flowers and her hair and rearranging the room and just a beautiful sight to see everyone so excited," said Pinzon.

Cerezo said when she plans her official wedding ceremony and reception, she plans on inviting the staff from AdventHealth as a thank you to them.