Florida sorority suspended for scandalous group chats: fake IDs, cheating, drunk driving

Elise Solé
Sorority Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Central Florida was suspended for a number of illicit activities. (Photo: Getty Images)
Sorority Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Central Florida was suspended for a number of illicit activities. (Photo: Getty Images)

Florida sorority Alpha Delta Pi has been suspended after allegations of its members posting an explicit photo, offering payment to complete schoolwork and swapping IDs to buy alcohol.

According to public records obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle from the University of Central Florida, on July 8, an unhappy Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) member emailed complaints to Woody Joseph, the president of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

The member claimed that a photo of her sorority sister naked from the waist down and lying next to a toilet in a bar (with a cake emoji covering her genitals), was shared in a mass chat on the GroupMe app. She reported the photo to her chapter president because the student “couldn’t have given [consent] seeing how absolutely plastered she was,” but no action was taken.

Additionally through chats, wrote the member, sisters sold prescription drugs and swapped driver’s licenses in order to purchase alcohol. One message read, “Will send nudes and mula for a blonde ID,” and a member admitted she drove to work “blackout” drunk from the night before, a statement that was allegedly “liked” by the group president.

There was also a “serious accident” from which the victim, who partook in underage drinking, was still recovering, alleged the letter-writer.

“I will not stand for this behavior anymore, and it makes me question the entire organization of ADPi, not to mention how Greek life is conducted at UCF in general,” she wrote. She also complained about the sorority’s “nasty” theme song, with the lyrics, “giving head and doing blow.”

The letter-writer said she talked to national and local Greek leaders who took no disciplinary action and in fact, she was “dragged” by executives for reporting the incidents.

According to a letter from UCF’s Office of Student Conduct, the Alpha Delta Pi sorority was suspended on July 15 for drug, alcohol and academic misconduct and possessing and/or providing false and misleading information. During its suspension, the group cannot recruit new members or participate in any fundraisers or social events, on or off-campus.

A hearing to decide next steps will be held on July 30.

Beth Wright, the marketing and communications director for Alpha Delta Pi tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “We have learned of allegations of improper conduct by some members of the Zeta Omega chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Central Florida. The behavior in question does not align with our values or our high standards of academic excellence. Alpha Delta Pi’s International Officers and Executive Office staff are working closely with the University to conduct a thorough investigation.”

UCF spokesperson Heather Smith, tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “While it’s not the university’s practice to comment on ongoing conduct cases, UCF does want to recognize the courage it took to come forward with these allegations. We applaud this complainant’s bravery in speaking up and their commitment to the safety and well-being of others.”

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