Florida Dog Rescue Makes Plea to People Who Can No Longer Care for Their Pets

It's so important to seek help if it's needed.

A Florida dog rescue, known on TikTok as @poodleandpoochrescue, has posted a video informing pet owners that rescues are there to help them. Her words are truer now than ever before as shelters across the country are overcrowded.

The sad truth is that some people don’t know how much work and money is needed to care for animals and because of that, the pets become matted and filthy. The woman in the video is sending out a plea for pet owners to not let it get to that point. Listen to her very important message.

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Wow, this was perfectly said. No pet owner should ever feel like they have to do this alone. Animal shelters are there to help. They’d rather help in any way they can than see an animal abandoned.

“Thank you for this message. Hopefully, it reaches someone who needs help,” commented @outlanderfann. We truly hope so! Or at least this could serve as a reminder in case anyone needs help in the future. @fosterfam831 added, “People get over their heads so quickly and they need to know there is help! Thank you for all you do!!”

Another TikTok user, @compassionatevegangirl, said, “Thank you for this. Reach out for assistance ASAP, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. People would rather help than have this be the result. No animal should suffer, ask for help with grooming, food, meds. There are a lot of rescues who are here to help!” Exactly! Please reach out to your local rescue if you need help!

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