A Floral Coffee That's Made for Summertime

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A Floral Coffee That's Made for SummertimeHearst Owned

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If you know me, you know I like a mean cup of coffee. Something strong. Rich. Bold. And very caffeinated, of course.

Naturally, I didn't expect to like Stumptown Coffee's Vivid Bloom blend at all. It advertises itself as floral, with notes of rose blossom, orange blossom, baked pear, and molten chocolate—the antithesis of my preferred flavor palette, which usually has notes of smoke and cinnamon and cloves. After just one cup of the Vivid Bloom Coffee, though, I was hooked.

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Vivid Bloom Coffee



This is definitively my go-to coffee of the summer; I'll shelve my bold, earthy flavors for the fall. Instead of being overly sweet or floral, this coffee is strong, and leaves you with bright, refreshing notes after each sip, without sacrificing the integrity of a complex, rounded brew. It's a coffee with a kick followed swiftly by an embrace—infallibly pleasant, with juuust the right amount of summery florals in the mix.

I usually drink my coffee from home hot and leave the iced coffee to the professionals, but this blend inspired me to make my first homemade iced coffee of the season. Let me tell you, iced coffee lovers: as good as this is hot, it's even better iced. If you like iced lattes or Americanos or even just a plain black iced coffee, this is the blend for you, especially for summer. It tastes better in hot weather, somehow, with a little bit of oat milk to round out the faint sweetness, and the rose and orange blossoms replacing any need for syrups or sweeteners (though if you did want to add them, I'm sure it'd be even better).

Honestly—this is summertime in a cup. It's fresh, it's light, it's ever-so-slightly sweet. Iced or hot, it hits the spot. I've never been so glad to be proven wrong about a coffee.

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