A flight attendant on TikTok is dishing on the job's biggest behind-the-scenes secrets

A flight attendant is currently going viral on TikTok after sharing unique, little-known facts about her job. Ally Rae Case, who appears to work at American Airlines, has been posting a series of videos in which she answers the questions she “always” gets about her job. One tidbit that seemed to take viewers by surprise: her income. Case claimed in one of her clips that flight attendants “only get paid” while the plane’s boarding door is closed. “So your flight attendants are not getting paid during boarding and deplaning, so be especially nice during those times”. Case’s video touched on plenty of positive details too. The TikToker explained that, thanks to her job, she can fly anywhere in the U.S. for free. Internationally, she only has to pay the exit taxes for the country she’s leaving. The flight attendant also shared that she “always” has a suitcase packed, never flies the same routes and can sometimes work as many as five flights per day. She also jokingly revealed that, yes, flight attendants do eat airplane food — just like the rest of us