Flight attendant shares why you rarely see the crew go through TSA

Ever wonder why you rarely see airline crews waiting in the long TSA lines with you?. TikTok user Kat Kamalani has made a name for herself thanks to her videos pulling back the curtain on the inner workings of airplanes. In this recent upload, Kamalani explained why you rarely see flight attendants going through security with you. “At most major airports, we have something that’s known as KCM or Known Crew Member, and what this is,” . “is when we’re hired we get an extensive background check on us, we get our fingerprints done, it’s a whole entire process”. “So we can actually go through a secret little door, show our badge, show our Known Crew Member, it gets scanned and we just walk right through, we don’t have to do security” . According to Kamalani, sometimes they get randomly picked and have to go through security live everyone else. “Man, I was always wondering about that,” one user commented