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Flight attendant reveals the secret meaning behind the ‘chime sounds’ you hear on airplanes: ‘I never knew that’

A flight attendant revealed the secret meaning behind the strange airplane chime sounds you hear during a flight.

The flight attendant, named Tommy Cimato (@tommycimato), shared the info in a now-viral TikTok clip. In his video, he explained the different beeping sounds you might hear during a flight and what each one means.

It’s just the latest in a long line of viral TikToks that show what it’s like to work in and around airplanes. In recent clips, users have revealed how the airport ground crew signals planes into their gates, how flight attendants clock their work hours and how to use a neck pillow the “real” way.

Cimato’s video begins with a sound any air traveler knows well — the two-toned beep that shows up in the plane’s speakers at seemingly random intervals during a flight.

As Cimato explains, this sound is actually one of three noises that flight attendants use to understand what’s happening on the plane.

Cimato first explains that if you hear a high-to-low chime, it means one flight attendant is signaling another — or that the flight deck is trying to reach them.

Meanwhile, one single tone means that a passenger is trying to get help from a flight attendant. This is the sound you’ll hear if you press the “call” button at your seat.

Three tones mean an emergency, Cimato says. However, he adds that these noises are extremely uncommon.

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“You never will have to hear that,” he says in the video.

TikTok users were largely blown away by the video. Many had no clue what each of the sounds meant.

“I never knew that,” one user wrote.

“I always thought it meant an announcement is gonna be made,” another added.

“New fear unlocked: Hearing three tones,” another user joked.

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