Flight attendant reveals the nastiest parts of an airplane you should never touch

Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant with more than 286,000 followers on TikTok, . often uses her platform to share the tips, tricks and hacks she’s learned while on the job. On Sept. 8, she shared a video showcasing some of the “gross things on [an] airplane” you should never touch. “First thing’s first, do not touch the backseat pocket,” she warns. They are cleaned between flights, but not sanitized. Next, Kamalani advises people to sanitize their tray tables before using them because she's seen people change their baby's diapers on them. Kamalani has also seen “thousands of hands” touch the air vents, and says you should “wipe them down before you touch them”. The safety cards are also "never sanitized," says Kamalani. Finally, Kamalani says that you should “use a tissue to lock the door” when entering the lavatory. People were shocked and appalled by Kamalani’s video. “So basically nothing gets cleaned … now my fear of flying got worse,” one person said