"The Flavor Difference Was Extremely Noticeable": People Are Sharing Everyday Items That They Swear Are Worth Splurging On

I've written a few posts about specific items people think are worth spending a little more money on. Both posts were filled with comments of people chiming in about things they prefer to spend more money on too.

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It's important to remember that spending extra cash on things is definitely a luxury and a privilege. If you're able to afford that privilege, keep reading for some of those items.

1."High-quality baking cocoa. I thought for years there was no difference, but then a friend gifted me a bag of a high-quality brand. The flavor difference was amazing and extremely noticeable!"

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2."Vegan shampoo and conditioner. Ever since I made the switch, I don't get tons of static in my hair in the winter."


3."When it comes to condiments I will get specific brands. Heinz ketchup, French's yellow mustard, and Hidden Valley Ranch come to mind. You can taste a difference, and for me these are superior."


4."For me, it's wine. In Ontario, it's pretty impossible to get good quality wine for under $15–$20 a bottle because of the taxes. The cheap stuff is so shitty, and the good stuff is so noticeably different."


5."Skincare. I will not ever buy drugstore products. I swear by quality Korean brands and some Japanese ones, too. My skin has never looked more like glass."

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6."Name-brand tape ALWAYS. Anything with adhesive. The cheap brands are always trash."


7."Tampons. When I was younger, my mom would buy tampons with the cardboard inserter because they were the cheapest. Once I had my own money, I got the plastic inserter ones, and I didn’t realize just how excruciating the cardboard had been. Maybe they’re better now, but thankfully with the IUD I don’t worry about that anymore."

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8."Body wash. The store brand just doesn't smell as good, and doesn't moisturize as well."


9."Natural REAL peanut butter. I switched about 15 years ago and haven't looked back. It's a different flavor from other common brands. I had to get used to it at first, after growing up on JIF. Natural peanut butter tastes like actual peanuts. It is so much better."

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10."Good coffee. As a barista I learned a lot about different coffees as well as different brewing methods and temps. I usually have three or four different beans to choose from, depending on my mood. The good stuff is more expensive, but I’m frugal in a ton of other areas so I make up for it."


11."Toilet paper and paper towels. The cheap stuff is AWFUL. It’s abrasive, not nearly as absorbent, and not as durable. I will happily splurge on good toilet paper and paper towels."

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12."I had a friend who hated olives. I was eating a bowl of reasonably priced ones, and I convinced him to try one, and he fell in love with the taste. Apparently, he had only previously encountered olives as those cheap sliced canned ones you get on supreme pizzas or subs. He had never had good-quality olives before."


13."Eggnog. If it's store-bought, then I can only buy Purity Eggnog. It's the most expensive in the supermarket, but I've seen more than one life changed by a taste."


14."Kinda specific, but Sriracha. It has to be a clear bottle with a green lid. All other iterations just don’t taste the same. It’s either too vinegary, not spicy enough, or bitter. My family and I have even done blind taste tests to prove I’m not being dramatic — original Sriracha sauce reigns supreme."

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15."Good olive oil. I saw Gordon Ramsay go to an olive oil farm in Croatia and bought a bottle on a foodie whim. The color, fragrance, and flavor are FAR superior to grocery store brands. Forever a Chiavalon olive oil fanatic!"


16."Crayola crayons and markers. They're not that much more than the cheap stuff but are a world of difference in quality."


17."Name-brand cream cheese. In my case, Philadelphia. House brands and generic brands always have an unpleasant grittiness to them."

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18."For me, it's real Coca-Cola. Everything else I am happy with the supermarket brands, but not my Coke. When I was growing up, we didn't have regular fizzy drinks, but when we did it was always off-brand, and the cola always had a faint taste of carrots to me."


19."Meat. My husband and I stumbled into a GREAT butcher shop. The flavor is awesome, and because we don't eat meat often it is like a prize. No more gut issues and no fear of strange additives or chemicals."


20."My mom and I cheerfully argue about Cheerios. She insisted generic ones were just as good as name brands, and I strongly disagreed. She would buy me a huge box of real Cheerios every Christmas."

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21."The right lotions are a must. I get dry skin in the winter, especially on my back, and even using a humidifier doesn't do the trick. I read up on the subject and found that only a few lotions use ammonium lactate, which makes a HUGE difference if you have dry skin (although you shouldn't use it if your skin is cracked, as it will burn). AmLactin is pricy — $15 for a small bottle and $30 for a large one. A single large bottle lasts me all winter and so long as I use it daily."

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22."Bras, especially if you have a large chest. They don't have to hurt! I wear an F or G cup, and the difference is insane. Freya, Chantelle, Fantasie, Elomi. Go to a Nordstrom or a fancy lingerie store specializing in large cup sizes. Buy a black one and a neutral one. Then you can actually get deals on Amazon for older designs from that brand if you are OK with a non-neutral print. Or hit up Poshmark. Nordstrom Rack also sometimes has good deals on higher-end brands."

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23."Night and Day contact lenses! They’re a little more expensive, but I can’t tell I have them in, and I can go a week before I need to take them out for the night!"


What's something that's been worth the splurge for you?

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.