Five tips for a budget-friendly trip

Plan your weekend getaway with these affordable options!

Video Transcript

- Hey, I'm Christina. I specialize in travel hacks. And I'm going to give you the insight on five of the best budget-friendly travel ideas. Number one is a road trip to an orchard or a local farm. Apple picking, for example, is usually very affordable, with some orchards offering produce by the pound for $1 or $2, and others offering a flat fee for an all-you-can-fill bag for about $30.

The second travel idea is to visit national parks, like Zion or Yellowstone. National parks have something for everyone. If you're an adrenaline junkie and up for a challenge, you can climb the Half Dome in Yosemite or race down the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. Fun fact, it's $80 for the annual America the Beautiful National Parks Land Pass, which allows entrance to all national parks that normally charge an entrance fee.

The third travel idea is to go on a camping trip, such as a drive-in camp site in Vermont. Vermont is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. It has almost 60 state parks. And visitors can do a range of outdoor activities, from hiking, paddling, and fishing, to hunting and biking. Camping in Vermont is a great way to get fresh air, connect with nature. And it's good for your mental health. Also, camping. Is very affordable, while cabins range from $51 to $53 a night.

The fourth travel idea is to rent an RV and road trip cross-country. The great thing about an RV is that your rental includes your travel plus your lodging. So you end up saving a ton. You can actually get the used RV for under $200 a night, depending on what type of RV you get. The fifth travel idea is a staycation and an Airbnb. If you want a change of scenery but don't want to venture too far, this works perfectly.

One of the cool things about Airbnbs is that no one listing looks or feels the same. Also, you can stay in really unique places, like treat houses, lighthouses, or castles. Airbnb can also be extremely affordable. All you have to do is take advantage of that price-range filter on the Airbnb website.

Hope this is helpful. Have fun. Stay safe. And don't forget to share this with your travel buddy.