The Five Most Read Trail Runner Articles in October

This article originally appeared on Trail Runner

1. 8 Training Takeaways From Courtney Dauwalter, Ultra Legend

by David Roche

Courtney Dauwalter has been stunningly dominant across the world's most competitive ultramarathons. How does she do it? Let's explore her training methods - with some mystery to keep it interesting.

2. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Altra Running Shoes

by Brian Metzler

The upstart brand with the wide, comfy toe box, balanced ride, and loyal following had its start in a toaster oven.

3. From Walking One Mile to Running 200 Miles

by Ben Pryor

Nine years ago, Callie Vinson could barely cover a mile on foot. This week, the Indigenous Choctaw runner is attempting to complete the Moab 240.

4. What We Can Learn About Endurance Fuel From Ancient Greece

Step aside, sports gels. These foods have been fueling endurance athletes for centuries.

5. I Run With Nothing But Coffee In My Stomach. Is That Destroying My Insides?

by: Alex Borsuk Hasenohr

For our column, Ask Alex Anything, Portland, Oregon-based endurance nutritionist and elite mountain athlete Alex Hasenohr fields common questions about fueling and running.

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