A Fitness Coach Explains How to 'Level Up' Your Sled Push and Pull Workouts

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Photo credit: AJ_Watt - Getty Images
Photo credit: AJ_Watt - Getty Images

Sled training is a great full body fat burner and strength builder which also works double duty as cardiovascular exercise, but it's important to make sure you're doing it right to get the most out of those grueling sessions. In a new video on the Squat University channel, physical therapist Aaron Horschig and fitness coach Graham Tuttle outline what you need to know before you head into your next prowler workout.

Firstly, one of the most common mistakes that Horschig sees when people perform the pull is poor posture. "People just get so fatigued, their back gets rounded over, horrible positions," he says. "Keep your chest upright, sit down a little bit, keep that core braced... Remember, spinal mechanics matter every single time you're exercising."

He also recommends driving the movement through your feet rather than relaxing the lower body. "With this, good spinal mechanics, good breathing... that's how you're going to optimize your sled pull."

When it comes to the pushing portion of the exercise, Tuttle also advises to think feet-first. "Grab the ground, move slow at the beginning so you really are pushing, and feel those toes integrate," he says. "If you can do this barefoot, that's amazing... Then drive those knees over the toes so we get that stretch in the bottom of the foot and the back of the calf."

He adds that you can push the sled either with your arms bent or fully extended; what really matters is that you focus on your breath, and don't drop your head down, as you'll lose that all-important posture and control.

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