FIT graduates weigh in on the future of fashion during the pandemic

FIT students talk about their visions of the future fashion industry.

Video Transcript


LAURA GALVAN: What has kind of been the biggest shift in your plans after graduation, given these unpredictable and unprecedented circumstances?

TRACY GARCIA: The biggest shift was just trying to adjust to not having an internship. And that was supposed to lead to a future job opportunity, hopefully.

JAIMIE FERNANDEZ: I feel it's creating a space for young designers, like me and my peers, to explore new visions for the future of fashion.

JORDAIN WILLIAMS: Nothing really shifted for me that much, because I minored in fashion history, because I decided in my sophomore year that I actually wanted to go into textile conservation and study so I could go take a master's program at FIT, giving me more time to take off, so that I could get even more prepared for the master's program later on.

LAURA GALVAN: What do you feel like is kind of one element that you think all fashion brands need to survive?

JORDAIN WILLIAMS: It's numerous is the need. I think they need adaptability, especially in the changing times.

TRACY GARCIA: It is nice to have everyone just be aware.

JAIMIE FERNANDEZ: Environmental issues, all the things going on with Black Lives Matter.

JORDAIN WILLIAMS: And also I think they need to be more genuine. You can hire all the diverse people you need. But if you don't listen to them, you're going to keep falling into the same problems.

JAIMIE FERNANDEZ: I think fashion has the power to actually implement societal changes. Like, I want to work with brands that focus on highlighting the beauty of all races, all sexualities, and all body types, make fashion more inclusive and accessible to all.


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