First-time mom reveals all the things she's packing into her hospital bag

TikTok couple Giovanni and Francesca Ferrara (@gioandfrancesca) . posted a video of Francesca breaking down the items that she’s bringing with her to the hospital when she goes into labor. Here are the things that Francesca packed in her bag: . Two pairs of leggings, a pair of biker shorts for compression, loose sweatpants, a "going home" sweatshirt. pajamas, fuzzy slippers and flip flops, a brush, a phone charger, a soft robe, nursing bras. disposable underwear, postpartum underwear, nipple cups, a bag of toiletries and a makeup bag. Francesca looked to her fellow TikTokers to see if there was anything essential that she left off her list. “[Labor and Delivery] Nurse here! Definitely don’t forget the snacks!!!” said a TikTok user who has clearly seen it all. “Your own pillow. I am sooooo happy I brought my own pillow, the hospital ones are horrible,” said another user. According to, expecting parents should prepare their labor bag about a month before their baby’s due date