Here’s the first thing you should do once you get your car registration sticker

A skater’s TikTok has gone viral after he shared some important advice about car registration stickers. On Oct. 2, Sean Bolis, a pro skater and manager of the LighterBro Skate Team, showed his followers how to prevent their stickers from being stolen. The cost of the stickers depends on a number of factors — in California, for example, the registration fee is based on one’s vehicle type, the car’s purchase price, parking violations and more. “Well, I just spent $600 for my registration because I have a parking ticket that tripled,” Bolis says in his TikTok. Bolis then proceeds to place a new registration sticker over an existing expired one. “A lot of people don’t do this. It’s very important because there are a lot of thieves out there that will steal these stickers. So cut little slits in them so they can’t peel it off,” Bolis said. According to WTSP, thieves steal registration stickers for a number of reasons, including but not limited to a lack of insurance, having a suspended license and driving a stolen car. Many TikTok users had some thoughts on Bolis’ advice — as of Oct. 5., his TikTok has been viewed nearly 7 million times. “My state hasn’t even used these stickers in years,” one user wrote. Not all states require drivers to attach registration stickers to their license plates. Pennsylvania, for example, eliminated registration stickers in 2013 after coming to the conclusion that those stickers “had no impact on vehicle registration compliance”