These first cousins are in love — and now they want their marriage legalized in Utah

First cousins are petitioning for Utah to recognize their marriage. (Photo: Facebook)
First cousins are petitioning for Utah to recognize their marriage. (Photo: Facebook)

A set of first cousins in Utah are petitioning to change the state’s marriage laws after having to drive to Colorado in order to tie the knot. Now, they want to make their union legal in their home state.

Michael and Angie Lee’s parents are siblings, but that didn’t stop the two from catching each other’s eyes at a young age. They told KTVX that their unique attraction began back in second grade when they recognized that they had a crush on one another, and Michael even told his aunt that he was going to marry her daughter.

“She said, ‘No, I’m sorry you can’t. But you can be friends!’” Michael recalled to the local Utah outlet. “It’s just something I’ve always felt like life wasn’t fair. Why did the person I want to be with the most, and had the most attraction to, the most natural feelings for, why did you have to be my cousin?”

The taboo was enough to keep them apart for 10 years, while Angie started a family of her own. But after recently reuniting, the mother-of-three and her cousin were ready to take their relationship to the next level, which meant getting a marriage license in Colorado where their union is legal.

“We’re like, OK this is crazy but we’re adults now, we’re single now, we’re just gonna go for it,” Angie said, “and who cares what our family thinks.”

However, the lack of acceptance from the couple’s family has proven to be the least of their problems when it comes to recognizing the marriage in their home state. According to Utah’s marriage laws, first cousins can only marry if both are over 65, or if both are over 55 and the court finds that they’re unable to reproduce. The law is a result of the genetic consequences of having children with a blood relative.

Michael told KTVX that those biological implications are insignificant when it comes to the way that he feels about Angie. Now, the couple has a joint Facebook page to get support from those who feel the same way, and a petition addressing the law that has only 12 signatures as of Thursday evening.

“No one I’ve ever been with will make me feel as perfect as she does. And her being my cousin and some of the responses is a small price to pay,” he said. “I’ve always loved you, Angie.”

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