First Aid Beauty Launches Fab Aid Campaign to Tackle Student Loans

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First Aid Beauty is launching its latest and it could change your life. First Aid Beauty has long been committed to rescuing skin, but now it wants to rescue you from your student loans, too. They’ve partnered with Laura Marano to introduce Fab Aid.

According to a 2018 Federal Reserve Bank report, student loan debt is at a whopping $1.47 trillion in the United States and it is a heavy burden to carry around — so much so that some people have decided to refuse to pay their loans altogether. First Aid Beauty’s founder, Lilli Gordon, spoke up about the message behind the new campaign saying, “As someone who once struggled with student debt and now sees young First Aid Beauty employees facing the same challenges, this crisis hits close to home for me, personally, and FAB as a company."

"We’re proud to make a commitment toward impacting the futures of deserving college graduates and give them the freedom to pursue their dreams free from the crushing impact of loans,” she continued. And by now, you’re probably thinking there’s a catch but there’s not.

The beauty brand is launching two limited-edition Fab Aid products that will be exclusively sold at Sephora and on These products will generate incremental funding for the campaign. According to First Aid Beauty, 10% of the retail sales of the Fab Aid products will be added to the brand’s $1 million commitment.

The best part is that the limited-edition products are actually game-changers for your skin. Their best-selling Ultra Repair Cream will be packaged in a new Fab Aid jar in two sizes. The brand will also sell a FAB Skin 101 kit featuring four travel-size skin essentials, including their Pure Skin Face Cleanser that won Best for Sensitive Skin for Teen Vogue’s 2019 Acne Awards. The kit doesn’t launch until June 2020 but the limited-edition Ultra Repair Cream launches on February 28.

Students who have graduated and will graduate from an accredited 4-year undergraduate university between January 2018 and August 2020 may apply for Fab Aid by filling out the application at and submitting a video sharing their student loan story. The winners will be chosen by an advisory board who have all been impacted by student loan debt and announced later this year.

Influencer and activist Nabela Noor is one of the few advisory board members that has experience with student loan debt herself. “Student loans have granted me the opportunity to chase after my dreams and fulfill my parents' lifelong dream of seeing their child graduate and thrive within the American education system," Nabela told Teen Vogue. "The reality of dreams, however, is that they can often be expensive. To be able to change that for someone else through the Fab Aid program feels so surreal. I wanted to be a part of a program committed to relieving that pressure and helping people actually live out the dream life they’ve spent years building through their undergraduate education."

Finishing college and walking out into the world to start a career is a dream for many, but the trauma of debt post-grad isn’t talked about enough. Thankfully, First Aid Beauty is breaking the silence in the beauty industry.

If you’re eligible, the applications for Fab Aid open today and will remain open until August 31, 2020. The selected winners will have their undergraduate loans paid off in full (up to $100K) and will be announced by November 10, 2020. If you aren’t eligible, you can support the cause by shopping First Aid Beauty’s limited-edition products that transform your skin while aiding in changing someone’s life by eliminating their student debt.

Fab Aid Ultra Repair Cream

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Originally Appeared on Teen Vogue