Finally, a Dresser You Can Put Together Without Tools

thuma dresser review
This New Dresser Requires No Tools to AssembleCourtesy

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You know the deal: You head to Ikea, ready to battle the masses for a dresser, just to drag it home on the subway or fit it into your tiny car so that you can begin the dreaded task of putting it together. Can you manage on your own? Will your relationship withstand the fight? Is this really worth it?! In my book, it’s not. I’ve repeated this cycle one too many times, and as a Certified Adult™, it was time for me to move on.

When it comes to the brands I've turned to in my awakening, Thuma hits at the top of my list. I started with its hero product, the bed frame. It’s a favorite of mine and fellow Esquire editors, and it’s easy to see why. It was the first bed frame you could put together without tools in less than 10 minutes. And Thuma is here to save us once again; it just released a new line of dressers that you can put together even quicker than its bed frames—a feat other furniture brands haven’t even attempted.

I have the four-tier dresser and receiving it, four boxes arrived at my doorstep. Each box was a drawer already assembled. I opened the first box (which was labeled clearly as my starting point), which is the bottom drawer, then twisted some ready-to-go legs to the bottom (that are optional). I placed it on the ground and as I continued to open the other boxes I pulled out the assembled drawers and stacked them on top of each other. Each layer, you screw in by hand a large flat top screw—it takes less than 30 seconds for each. Then you simply place the flat top on top of the last drawer, and you’re done. It’s literally just stacking. You've been doing it since you were a toddler. Honestly, getting rid of the boxes took me twice as long as this process.

It’s Practical Without Losing Its Aesthetic

This might sound like a gimmick or, worse, like something cheap, but I’m here to vouch that it’s not. In fact, it is hands-down the best quality dresser I have ever owned. The modular system is made with 100 percent recycled wood—so you can feel good about it being an eco-friendly choice, too—and I have it in the walnut finish (it also comes in natural and espresso stains, as well). This dresser is top-notch quality that you can see and feel. It’s heavy, thick, and feels like a real piece of furniture—one that definitely doesn’t have the potential to tip over like other budget models.

To address the elephant in the room: This thing is pricey. It’s not a price I myself, or anyone, would like to pay, but here’s why it’s worth it: You won't need to replace it anytime soon! The premium level of quality craftsmanship makes sure this will be something you have in your home for at least a decade. I know I will. Plus, the modular system is made to adapt over time to any type of space. If you’re an apartment dweller, opt for the three-tier system. If, down the line, you move into a larger space, you can turn it into an eight piece model just by expanding. It’s a true investment that goes a long way. Buy it once, keep it forever.

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