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Photo credit: Getty Images

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After what seems like an eternity of waiting (but has really only been two months) the Big Brother season 22 All Stars 2 cast was finally revealed during the live, two-hour premiere event.

Highlights include Janelle Pierzina (who's returning to the show for the fourth time), BB10's Keesha Smith, BB14 winner Ian Terry, and season 21's America's Favorite Player Nicole Anthony. Catch a full list below of every single game player we'll get to see in the BB house this summer.

Nicole Franzel

Past Seasons: BB16, BB18

Big Brother History: Stuck in the minority alliance during season 16, Nicole was evicted in a unanimous vote, but came back into the game after winning he Battle Back competition. However she was out again two weeks later during the second double eviction. Nicole came back and won BB18, largely due to her social skills and playing a lowkey game.

What she's up to now: Nicole currently lives back home in Ubly, Michigan with her fiancé Victor Arroyo, who she met during BB18.

Daniele Donato

Past Seasons: BB8, BB13

Big Brother History: In Big Brother 8, Daniele won multiple competitions, taking her to the final two where she placed second alongside her father, "Evel Dick" Donato. The two returned to play together again in season 13 nine years ago, where Dani got 8th place after being evicted during a double-eviction.

What she's up to now: Dani is married to season 13 co-star Dominic Brionnes. They have a 2-year-old daughter together.

Da'Vonne Rogers

Past SeasonS: BB17, BB18

Big Brother History: Da'Vonne's bold personality and ability to confront fellow houseguests earned her a quick spot as a fan favorite. She was evicted second in BB17 and 6th in BB18.

Christmas Abbot

Past Season: BB19

Big Brother History: Though she broke her foot during week 1, Christmas made it all the way to the final three by aligning with the dominant Paul Abrahamian and winner Josh Martinez.

Tyler Crispen

Past Season: BB20

Big Brother History: The leader of the reigning Level Six Alliance, Tyler won six competitions in BB20. He got second place, and earned the title of America's Favorite Houseguest.

Ian Terry

Photo credit: Tibrina Hobson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tibrina Hobson - Getty Images

Past Season: BB14

Big Brother History: The winner of Big Brother 14 won six competitions and beat out his mentor and show legend, Dan Gheesling, in the final two.

Kevin Campbell

Past Season: BB11

Big Brother History: The super fan won third place during season 11, and was the first -ever houseguest to open Pandora's Box.

Enzo Palumbo

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Past Season: BB12

Big Brother History: Enzo, aka "The Meow Meow" as he was known in his season, not only served as great comedic relief but was a member of the powerful "The Brigade" alliance. He earned a final spot on the jury, placing third.

Janelle Pierzina

Past Seasons: BB6, BB7, BB14

Big Brother History: The O.G. "Blonde Bombshell" of BB, Janelle became an instant fan favorite as a member of the Sovereign Six alliance during season 6, earning third place. She returned the next season for Big Brother All Stars 1, where she earned third place yet again and set a record for the most individual competition wins in one season. (She's also the first of the game to win America's Favorite). Her last run on BB was in 2012 on season 14, when she returned as a coach. However, she ended being backdoored and took 12th place.

What she's up to now: Janelle is now a realtor in Minnesota, and married to Jess DeSanto. They have two daughters and a son.

Bayleigh Dayton

Past Season: BB20

Big Brother History: Bayleigh was a member of the favored FOUTTE Alliance, who despite being adored by fans, was consistently blindsided throughout the season. She placed 11th and was the first member of the jury after getting into a heated fight with fellow castmate Tyler Crispen.

Nicole Anthony

Past Season: BB21

Big Brother History: Despite being the underdog, superfan Nicole's kind-hearted nature, social game, and strategic instinct got her to the final three. She won America's Favorite Houseguest.

Keesha Smith

Past Season: BB10

Big Brother History: Earning 4th place and America's Favorite during one of the best season's of BB, Keesha's social and strategic game carried her through the season. She was also incredibly outspoken and independent, which got her in a few verbal altercations with fellow houseguests. (Anyone remember Keesha's Birthday?)

Kaysar Ridha

Past Seasons: BB6, BB7

Big Brother History: As a member of the Sovereign Six alliance alongside Janelle, Kaysar earned 10th place despite being evicted and then voted back into the game following a fan vote. He earned 10th again in All Stars 1.

What he's up to now: According to LinkedIn, he's currently vice president of digital products in an Irvine, California "performance beauty company," Evolus. He married and has a son.

Cody Calafiore

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Past Season: BB16

Big Brother History: Despite winning six competitions in a season and being a part of the dominant Bomb Squad alliance, Cody earned second place to his Hitmen alliance member Derrick Levasseur, who's considered one of the best players in BB history. Many thought Cody made a mistake taking Derrick to the final two, and should have instead taken Victoria Rafaeli, which would have guaranteed his victory.

Memphis Garret

Past Season: BB10

Big Brother History: Memphis made it to the final 2 in The Renegade alliance alongside Dan Gheesling.

David Alexander

Past Season: BB21

Big Brother History: Though David was the first to be evicted during his season, he quickly earned a spot as a fan favorite (from both viewers and veterans alike) due to his strategic instinct, keen observation skills, and goals of taking out the majority alliance.

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