Fiery Names for Your Scorpio-Season Baby

Is your baby due between October 23 to November 21? Buckle up — you’ve got a baby Scorpio on the way. Headstrong, mysterious, and passionate, they are the powerhouse enigmas of the zodiac and they deserve a Scorpio name to match. A secretive water sign with a surprisingly fiery nature, Scorpions feel emotions intensely (think Gordon Ramsay on a bad day in Hell’s Kitchen) but tend to reveal their private thoughts only to their most trusted inner circle. You can expect a bit of a moody roller coaster with your Scorpio child, but you’ll be in awe of their impressive charisma, keen intuition, powerful empathy, and nearly magical ability to be in the right place at the right time.

So how does a parent choose the perfect Scorpio baby name for such a mystical, hard-to-pin down creature? We checked in with Ophira Adut, official Elle astrologer and cofounder of Astrostyle, to learn what parents should take into account when picking Scorpio baby names. “Scorpio is the sign of power, and this baby can grow up to be a formidable leader,” she says. “A name that conveys strength and commands respect will help draw out and cultivate this energy.”

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In addition, we consulted Jennifer Moss, author and founder of — who told us, “Scorpios tend to be drawn to the metaphysical and tend to keep their inner feelings and thoughts hidden and secret, so names related to this characteristic might be appropriate, such as Mystery, Rune, Candide, or Velia.” But, she adds, “They are also very confident and exude attractiveness. So names like Beau, Kevin, and Zane would also go with the Scorpio vibe.”

We also combed through names connected to the animal symbols of the scorpion: the eagle, the snake, and the phoenix. The sign is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets with a warrior vibe. Scorpio’s colors are red, gold, brown, and black, so we sought out names related to those hues as well. Birthstones for Scorpio traditionally have included topaz, citrine, and opal.

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Your Scorpio baby will be in good company! Famous Scorpios include Gabrielle Union, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hillary Clinton, Kris Jenner, Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Gates, and Ryan Reynolds, just to name a few.

Let’s dive into our list of picks for that one-of-a-kind Scorpio baby name with just the right amount of fire.

Scorpio Color Names

Kirsa (Old Germanic for “cherry red”)

Daiyu (Japanese, “black jade”)

Adamo (Italian, “earth, red”)

Xia (Chinese, “red sky”)

Marjani (Swahili, “red coral”)

Shani (Indian or Hebrew, “crimson red”)

Melanie (Greek, “black, dark”)

Akane (Japanese, “brilliant red”)










Scorpio Seasonal/Nature Names



November (or you could use Nova)






Hazel (Scorpio Julia Roberts chose this moniker for her daughter)





Scorpio Names That Mean Strength & Power (or Just Sound Strong)

Adira (Hebrew, “strong”; Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian used this name for their second daughter)

Gesine (German, “as strong as a spear”)

Andre (French, “manly, masculine”)

Imara (Swahili, “strong”)

Maverick (English, “independent”)

Artemis (in Greek mythology, the goddess of the moon and hunting; also thought to have created the Scorpio constellation)

Evander (Scottish Gaelic, “bow warrior”)

Dominic (Latin, “of the Lord”)

Freya (in Norse mythology, the goddess associated with love and beauty — but also war and death)

Ryker (German, “rich”)

Fallon (Irish, “leader”)

Scorpio Animal Names

Peta (Native American, “golden eagle”)

Chayton (Sioux, “falcon”)

Serafina/Seraphina (Hebrew, “burning serpent,” Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave this name to one of their daughters)

Arnaud/Arnie (French, “strong as an eagle”)

Fino (Italian, “serpent”)

Adelind (Germanic, “noble serpent”)






Scorpio Fighting Names

Duncan (Gaelic, “dark warrior”)

Rayner (Germanic, “wise warrior”)

Sloan (“warrior”)

Alessio/Alessia (“defender”)

Nicholas (Greek, “victory of the people”)

Leopold/Leopolda (“people-bold”)

So there you go, Scorpio lovers. Hopefully this inspo will help you clinch the perfect Scorpio baby name for your little October or November bundle of joy.

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