Use a fidget toy to let kids make their own snacks with this brilliant parenting hack


This mom on TikTok shared a parenting hack that lets kids use pop-it bubble fidget toys to make their own snacks.

The latest pop-it bubble fidget toys aren’t just a fun knick-knack that kids can play with, as parent and blogger Brittany Boisdorf (@brittanyboisdorf) demonstrates in a recent video she posted to TikTok.

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In the clip, the fun-loving mom shows viewers how a pop-it bubble fidget toy can double as both a fun activity and a cooking appliance.

Boisdorf notes that she “10/10 recommend[s]” this trick, over footage of her rinsing off one purple and one yellow pop-it bubble fidget toy in her kitchen sink.

Once the octagonally-shaped toys are clean, Boisdorf arranges the rest of the supplies, including blueberries, diced strawberries, M&M’s, and vanilla yogurt.

The clip then cuts to shots of Boisdorf’s children arranging the blueberries, strawberries, and M&M’s into the compartments in each fidget toy.

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After filling all the nooks with fruit and candy, the kids spread their favorite yogurt over the berries, covering the entire surface of the toy, before popping it in the freezer.

After freezing, Boisdorf pops the frozen yogurt sticks out of the pop-it bubble fidget toy onto a plate. The video closes with a shot of the finished product featuring an array of berries and M&M’s frozen in vanilla yogurt.

Both parents and non-parents alike fell in love with Boisdorf’s fidget toy food tutorial.

“That’s brilliant! Thank you for sharing! So many possibilities,” remarked one user.

Walmart, here we come today! My little [one] is so excited,” one parent enthusiastically shared.

“Think I’m about to do this,’ announced another viewer.

Who knows what other culinary creations you can make with these toys?

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