Ferrari GTC4Lusso: The No. 8 Car of the Year

Ferrari’s first all-wheel-drive, four-seat GT—the FF—has evolved into the better-in-every-way GTC4Lusso. Along with being just plain big, it’s also big on power and performance. “Phenomenal drive!” said Faheem Hasnain. “As a Ferrari, it lives up to its reputation.” The Lusso features an ultra-luxurious interior that is more spacious than any GT has a right to be, capable of fitting four adults, with luggage, and going long distances—fast. Chef Philip Tessier poetically described his experience when he said, “The Ferrari is a precision instrument. This car gives the feel of a long and promising relationship. . . . My drive was like a first date where you can’t wait for the second one to discover more!”

Fast, too, are people to critique the polarizing design. There were a few (this writer included) who really warmed up to the shooting-​brake profile and practical hatchback hindquarters. Jim Allen pragmatically observed, “Finally a Ferrari that will hold three cases of wine and golf clubs.” Bernard Pump appreciated the commodious space aft of the driver, saying, “The rear seats are genuinely useful. I am 6 feet tall and I fit comfortably,” while Craig Barto rightly rationalized the Lusso as “a Ferrari that can also be justified with the grandkids.” Leveraging the power of positive thought, Barbara Palumbo—who evidently liked the Ferrari a lot—said, “I hope my next ex-husband buys me this car.”

Others philosophically weighed the pros and cons, like Zane Edwards when he observed, “[The] naturally aspirated V-12, perfect-shifting F1 transmission, and all-wheel drive work together seamlessly. Tremendous improvement over the FF. Just don’t look at the rear hatch and you have a perfect 10.” Robb Report editor in chief Brett Anderson, participating as a judge and not in his editorial capacity, was tactfully circumspect, calling the Lusso an “acquired taste.” The best things in life usually are.


Engine: 6.3-liter, naturally aspirated V-12

Power: 680 hp @ 8,000 rpm

Zero to 60 mph: 3.4 sec

Top Speed: 208 mph

Base Price: $298,000

Price as Tested: $377,222

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