Fenty Beauty's Dark Foundation Shades Are Selling Out Like Crazy

All of Fenty Beauty's darker shades are selling out in stores, proving non-inclusive makeup brands wrong.

One (totally BS) defense by certain beauty brands as to why their foundation shade range isn’t more inclusive is that they claim darker shades won’t sell. But Rihanna’s first foray into the world of makeup with Fenty Beauty boasts an impressively diverse range of 40 shades — which are all selling out like crazy.

Rihanna made it clear from the first whispers of a lip gloss that Fenty Beauty would be different and diverse, positioning the brand as “the new generation of beauty.” And so far, Fenty Beauty is delivering big. After dropping the brand’s inaugural campaign featuring a diverse cast of models of all sizes and skin tones, we finally got a look at the goods which dropped this week at fentybeauty.com, Sephora, and Harvey Nichols.

Just in case critics were tempted to keep harping on the idea that the darkest shades still wouldn’t sell, makeup artist Benjamin Puckey posted a photo on Instagram that almost needs no explanation. The shot shows a Fenty Beauty foundation shelf — though it’s still flush with ivory, alabaster, beige, and caramel shades, the entire darker half of the foundation range is cleaned out.

“The dark Fenty Beauty foundation shades are sold out everywhere! This is for all the makeup brands who think the dark shades won’t sell,” the shot is captioned. Amen to that.

Naturally, people are celebrating Fenty Beauty’s inclusivity success story in the comment feed, which is rife with clapping emojis, YASes, and one spot on “about time.” We couldn’t agree more.

Next up for Fenty Beauty? A line of lip color that we’re sure will fly off shelves just as fast. Time for beauty brands to start taking a page out of RiRi's book.

For more inclusive shades: