Fedya the Cat's Permanently Startled Expression is All of Us Checking the News Each Morning

close up of grey cat with startled expression
close up of grey cat with startled expression

Courtesy of fedja_kot / Instagram

Meet Fedya, a Russian cat who's enthralling the internet with what, I guess, we'll call his Resting Alarmed Face.

The permanently startled cat was actually found as a sickly stray in Natalie Zhdanova's backyard, according to our sister site People. Zhdanova noticed Fedya's eyes were out of alignment and he had trouble moving his back legs. She and her other cat, Handsome, helped nurse him back to health from the brink of death.

Now, 1-year-old Fedya, who looks to be a Russian blue cat, and his pal Handsome are the best of buds, and he's grown into a healthy, playful cat who loves living with his new family. His facial expression—close-together eyes and wide cheeks—is still a mystery, though Zhdanova tells SWNS that it could be because of a genetic deformity or that he may have suffered an injury as a small kitten.

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Regardless, Fedya's adorably meme-able face does look like he's seen, heard, or felt something shocking. Just check out his Instagram and TikTok accounts. What could be so alarming? Well, we have a few ideas.

  • When someone pours milk into the bowl before their cereal

  • When someone offers up the contrarian take that Ted Lasso actually isn't that good

  • When Patrick Mahomes does amazing things on a football field

  • When you realize your ordered food that's too spicy

  • When, shortly after eating the spicy food, the digestive distress begins

All kidding aside, we're so pleased Fedya is enjoying his life with his new family.