February 2023 Flight Deals For Less Than $400 Round Trip

San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for some fabulous February flight deals, Travel Noire’s got you covered.

It’s time to make good on those New Year’s resolutions to travel more in 2023. There’s no better time to find a good travel deal than February, as it tends to escape people’s minds.

February is perfect because it comes in between a previous busy holiday season and right before spring and summer vacation. Hence, all those pricey destinations (side eyes Paris) are cheaper and typically come with smaller crowds.

Ready to book a flight? Here are the best flight deals for February 2023!

If you’re not ready to take advantage of these flight deals, check out ways to prepare for the next time around by checking our seamless travel guide to pack smarter.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, For As Low As $78 Round-Trip 

Getty Images
Getty Images

San Juan is one of our favorite destinations because you can taste the Caribbean without traveling too far and without a passport.

February is an excellent month to visit Puerto Rico to explore Black history across the country.

Do you know what else makes Puerto Rico great in February? Cheap flights and no hurricanes.

According to Skyscanner, people from New York City, Nashville, New Orleans, Boston, and Atlanta can travel to the capital, San Juan, for less than $200 round-trip.

Miami is the cheapest option. Use Feb. 11 through Feb. 15 as your travel dates to buy a ticket for a $78 round-trip.

Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico
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One of Our Favorite Flight Deals: Liberia, Costa Rica, For As Low As $190 Round Trip

Matteo Colombo | Getty Images
Matteo Colombo | Getty Images

Here’s a deal you don’t see every day for Central America: a flight deal to Liberia, Costa Rica. This is precisely why we love traveling in February!

Unlike the popular capital city, San Jose, Liberia is the gateway to the best beaches in the country. As a city situated on the Pacific Ocean shoreline, it doesn’t get a lot of love from first-time travelers to Costa Rica.

Liberia is the largest city in Guanacaste Providence and offers much to do. We recommend visiting nearby national parks, tubing at the Rio Negra river, and visiting a hot spring.

Flights from Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Phoenix can be purchased for less than $320 round-trip on Skyscanner.

Atlanta is the winner here for the best deal. Use Feb. 11 through Feb. 18 as your travel dates to fly to Liberia for a $190 round-trip on Frontier Airlines.

Atlanta to Liberia, Costa Rica
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London, England, For As Low As $205 Round Trip

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Getty Images

It’s been a while since we mentioned London in a flight deal. Hopefully, this signals positive times as the world continues to get back to normal amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s unclear how long this deal will last, so don’t drag your feet! If you can travel from Austin, Texas, New York City, Washington, D.C., or Boston, then you’re the perfect spots to fly for less than $400 round-trip, according to Skyscanner.

Dallas is the clear winner here as Skyscanner data shows a round-trip from Feb. 21 through Feb. 28 on JetBlue and Icelandair for a $205 round-trip.

While you’re visiting, check out our guide to supporting Black-owned businesses in London. Not to be all in your business, but we heard the prettiest café in London is Black-owned.

Flight Deal Dallas To London
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West Coast Only Flight Deals: Osaka, Japan, For As Low As $348 Round Trip

Osaka, Japan
Nomadic Julien | Unsplash

Here’s another deal that surprised us: Osaka, Japan, for the low! We know what you’re probably thinking, and we’re here to assure you that you got it all wrong.

Osaka is not second best to Tokyo. It has a different feel, and one thing you have here is that it’s known as the nation’s kitchen for its extensive and famous street food scene.

It’s also a great place to explore, as some of the city’s structures date back to the 1500s. The nightlife also attracts visitors because you can low-key ball on a budget.

Unfortunately, this deal is for our readers on the West Coast … and to be fair, they deserve some options.

People traveling from Los Angeles can get to Osaka for $340 round-trip.

Play with the dates in Skyscanner, or use Feb. 14 through Feb. 21 as your travel dates before this deal are gone.

California To Japan
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