Some of Our Favorite Wearable Air Conditioners Are 40% Off on Amazon

amacool wearable air conditioner
Save 40% On These Wearable A/Cs at AmazonPopular Mechanics; Amacool

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The heat can make going outside miserable, whether you’re mowing the lawn or visiting a national park. While there are ways to stay cool indoors, overheating while outdoors can be all too easy if you’re not prepared—and that’s where wearable air conditioners come in. Yes, they can come across as gimmicky, but they work. And, as we mention in our reviews of the best, some look like headphones, which helps mitigate the dorky vibe. Amazon is offering up to 40 percent off some of our favorites just in time for summer.

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Wearable air conditioners (also called personal or portable neck fans) are battery-powered devices that rest around your neck and circulate air around your face with blade-less fans. They’re light—weighing only a few pounds—and look sleek enough to wear on the golf course. Three of our top picks are currently on sale, so you have plenty of ways to cool off and save money.

The good news is that wearable air conditioners are already generally affordable—the Jisulife Portable Neck Fan, our best overall pick, is on sale for under $25. It features a rechargeable 4,000-milliampere-hour battery, a blade-less fan, and 78 air outlets to move air across your face and neck. It also offers three speeds, allowing you to adjust the cooling power to your liking.

This deal offers multiple options, so you can get one for every member of your family before going on vacation. If you’d rather spend time indoors, Amazon is also offering great deals on portable and window air conditioners for Memorial Day weekend.

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