Your Favorite Christmas Movies Inspired the Latest Starbucks Secret Menu Items

Despite its name, the Starbucks secret menu is not a confidential list of items that can be created by the coffee chain. It's actually a neverending, intangible collection of recipes created by coffee drinkers that anyone can order. During the fall, we featured several innovative pumpkin spice beverages and now that winter is nearly here, we're giving the gift of secret menu items fit for the holiday season. After seeing some whimsical-looking drinks on social media, we decided to order a few and try them out ourselves. (Plus, we have the recipes so you can enjoy them, too.)

Jennifer Aldrich

Buddy the Elf Frappuccino

Buddy, the main character from the beloved Christmas movie Elf, had a diet that was mostly sugar—but this drink actually isn't overly sweet. Several editors were fond of this option, and deputy editor Rachel Haugo says it reminds her of mint chocolate chip ice cream. "The mint was light and crisp, and the chocolate was subtle," she notes. To order this minty option, here's how.

  • Order a matcha green tea crème Frappuccino

  • Substitute all the pumps of the classic syrup for the peppermint syrup

  • Add holiday sugar sprinkles on top of the whipped cream

Jennifer Aldrich

The Grinch Frappuccino

If there's one way to get the Grinch's heart to grow three sizes, it's with this mix. The matcha flavor is subtle, so even if you're not a fan of green tea (like myself) you'll still enjoy this option. All of the editors agreed the dehydrated strawberries were the best part and would ask more for next time. Here's how to order your Grinchy goodness.

  • Order a vanilla bean crème Frappuccino

  • Mix in matcha powder

  • Sprinkle more matcha powder on top of the whipped cream

  • Add two dehydrated strawberries (preferably in the shape of a heart) on top

Jennifer Aldrich

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Frappuccino

Rudolph had a very shiny nose—and a delicious Frappuccino created in his honor. This concoction was the clear winner in the office. "Chocolate all the way," lifestyle editor Allison Vancura says. "The java chips and dehydrated strawberries make it seem like an extra-special frozen treat. I'm normally a black coffee drinker, so it definitely seemed more like a dessert than an everyday pick-me-up!" Here's how chocoholics can get their cocoa fix.

  • Order a mocha Frappuccino

  • Mix in java chips

  • Top with a layer of strawberry purée

  • Add a dehydrated strawberry on top of the whipped cream

Although these are all Christmas-themed drinks, none of the ingredients are seasonal offerings—with the exception of the holiday sprinkles on the Buddy the Elf Frappuccino. So even when December is over, you can order these Frappuccinos for a little hint of holiday cheer.