Internet is Divided Over Father Who Jumped A Parent To Teach A 7-year-old 'Bully' A Lesson

Screenshot: TikTok/SelfRighteous__
Screenshot: TikTok/SelfRighteous__

If you ever wanted to see a living, breathing personification of the acronym “FAFO” (look it up and then come back here), look no further than the latest viral TikTok from a concerned parent that has the internet divided.

For context, a user named Kavi posted a video addressed to a seven-year-old child who he alleges has been bullying his daughter. In an attempt to firmly get the message across that bullying would not be tolerated, he says that he and his brother put hands on the child’s father. The lesson to the child: you reap what you sow.


“I know that was probably a traumatizing experience for you, but we kept asking you to stop bullying my daughter and you wouldn’t listen,” he explained in the video. “We sent letters home, we even had a meeting with you and your parents, and you wouldn’t listen. So now you know your actions have consequences, and since you’re too young to receive those consequences, you had to watch your daddy take those consequences. Get some therapy, you’ll be all right.”

Once the video began to circulate online, it was met with mixed reactions: people couldn’t decide if he did the right thing by any means necessary, or if he took it too far.

“This is also gentle parenting and I approve,” wrote one user on TikTok.

“Love this, life lessons hit at any age,” said another in part.

“To everyone asking why not 1v1, it wasn’t about having a fair fight it was about sending a message,” said another user.

However, despite the accolades, naysayers were also chiming in with their two cents:

“I might get cooked for this but... if violence/bullying is the issue how is using violence/bullying solving the problem?” asked an X/Twitter user.

“In what world is the answer to get a criminal record?” questioned another.

“Why do folks jump online and implicate themselves in crimes?” wrote one user.

“This is insane and the wrong way to handle this. How about teaching your daughter how to fight and stand up for herself? Literally worked for me and my daughter and no one got jumped,” said another user on X/Twitter.

Regardless of whether you agree with Kavi’s methods, it’s clear that he’s unbothered by online discourse. He responded to the backlash in a follow-up video. “I’m out here doing the Lord’s work, OK,” he insisted. “God is pleased with me whether or not y’all are.”

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