Fashion Twitter Threw Its Own Met Gala To Celebrate The First Monday In May

Bella Gerard
·1 min read

Ah, the first Monday in May. We should be waiting patiently for overworked Vogue interns to upload instant coverage of celebs like Timothée Chalamet and Billie Eilish making their way up the Met steps, but as we all know, this year’s Met Gala festivities have been postponed. Tragic, no doubt—but that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from celebrating! If you’ve seen the hashtag #HFMetGala2021 popping up on your feed this morning, here’s everything you need to know about the digital event, the unique theme and how you can get involved.

The actual Met Gala thrown by the Met Costume Institute (which is in no way associated with the HF Met Gala of...

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