These Fashion Labels Made Voting Merch and Now They’re Sharing Why They’re Headed to the Polls Tomorrow

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It’s about making a lasting change.
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  • Adam Lippes
    American fashion designer

Tomorrow is the big day. Millions of Americans will head to the polls to cast their vote in the midterm elections and determine, among other things, whether or not Democrats take the house from the Republicans. It’s up to all of us to swing our democracy in a new and more hopeful, humane direction, to stand up for our freedoms and rights, and to drain Trump’s MAGA-made swamp. There has been an impressive surge of early voting throughout the country, as well as calls to action from the likes of Oprah and former President Barack Obama. In the fashion sphere, designers like Tory Burch, Adam Lippes, and many more have been prompting their customers and clientele to get out and vote. Some have also created charitable merch to go along with their messaging.

Whatever industry you work in or identify with, this is a midterm season unlike any we’ve seen in this country. Here, eight designers remind us of the importance of giving a damn.

“Voting is an integral part of what it means to be an American. It is a pillar of our democracy and defines our country’s character. There is nothing that makes me feel more patriotic. Voting is a profound privilege, one that allows us to reflect on where we are today and where we want to go tomorrow. We need to ensure we elect those who are truly representative of our integrity and our values.”—Tory Burch

“There are a number of reasons why I vote, but there’s one in particular that is the most compelling for me, especially during midterms, when complacency and lack of interest often set in. And that reason is simply the knowledge and appreciation that so many have sacrificed and suffered greatly for an opportunity that is so freely available to me . . . which I have definitely taken for granted at times. This alone should be enough for any of us to get off our asses and vote. I recently came across a quote that says it better and more succinctly than I ever could: ‘Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it.’—Susan B. Anthony”— Johnathan Crocker, BLDWN

“All elections, including the midterm elections, are important! I am voting because it is my right, and for the many people who can’t vote, who are being suppressed by the current administration. There are so many pressing issues that we care about. Everything from the environment, immigrants’ rights, indigenous people’s rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, tenants’ rights, POC’s rights, children’s rights, small businesses’ rights, communities’ rights, and human rights.”—Zoe Latta, Eckhaus Latta

“I am voting because I always vote. Period. It just isn’t optional for me. The ignorance and hatred of the political landscape this season is what most moves me. In particular, I will vote this year for our immigrants, our freedoms, and our climate. It’s pretty all-encompassing.”—Adam Lippes

“The right to vote is an honor and a privilege, one that many do not have. Voting has always been important and the most powerful right we have as citizens, but at least in my lifetime, it has never felt more critical than today. I am firmly opposed to what the current administration stands for. I stand for human rights, for equality for all (for women, for children, for immigrants, for refugees, for minorities, for those who have been marginalized), for the environment, for freedom of speech. I stand against gun violence, sexual violence, and the violent, racist, homophobic, hate-filled, nationalist rhetoric that has become commonplace. This is why I vote. Indifference and apathy mean standing for nothing.”—Molly Howard, cofounder and CEO, La Ligne

“I will be voting because it’s our right and hard-earned privilege. Ladies, let’s not forget that the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote was passed less than 100 years ago in 1919 and it took years of protesting, marching, lobbying and civil ‘disobedience’ to achieve this milestone. I will be voting because the divisive, dangerous, and polarizing rhetoric promoted by this administration must be stopped. As a company, it is imperative that we recognize the importance and significance of this day and give our employees ample opportunity to get to the polls. So when the polls are open on November 6, the La Ligne offices are closed. We encourage our team to take the day to do any last-minute candidate or issue research, head to the polls to cast their votes, and to proudly wear their ‘I Voted’ sticker around New York, encouraging and reminding others to do the same.”—Meredith Melling, cofounder and chief brand officer, La Ligne

“I am voting on Tuesday because it is my duty as an American citizen and I want to be good role model to my children, but it has never felt more urgent to me than now. I wholly disagree with the current administration’s views on immigration, health care, foreign policy, gun control, and the environment. The change begins with me.”—Valerie Macaulay, cofounder and creative director, La Ligne

“Having just returned from a business trip where I visited several countries that do not have democratic governance, I think it is profoundly important to remember that it is not only our duty, but our privilege to be able to vote as citizens of this country. In these turbulent times it’s so easy to forget that positive change is possible, but only when we exercise that right.

As female founders of our company, my cofounder (Lucy Wallace Eustice) and I had women’s issues at the top of our minds heading into this election cycle. We recently collaborated with another female-owned company, Lingua Franca, on a limited-edition Metro tote embroidered with the words “Give a Damn.” We donated 100 percent of the proceeds (over $100,000) to She Should Run, a nonpartisan organization that helps prepare women to run for office. I truly believe that if we get more women in governmental positions they will use their voices to negotiate solutions to the difficult issues that are plaguing this country. So we should all always vote when we can, and always Give a Damn!”— Monica Zwirner, cofounder of MZ Wallace