Fascinating Video Shows Laser Hair Removal in Slow Motion

Fascinating Video Shows Laser Hair Removal in Slow Motion

With bathing suit season coming fast, hair removal is quickly becoming higher and higher on our list of priorities. Since laser treatments are quick and a more permanent solution for unsightly hairs and pesky ingrowns, many people are forgoing their usual razor-blade routine for this in-office procedure instead. However, lasering away the hair follicle happens so fast, most people don’t stop to think about what actually happens to the hair — and the surface of the skin surrounding it — during each session. So what exactly does laser hair removal do to that area?

Luckily for us, self-proclaimed science geek Derek Muller (who also hosts the YouTube educational science channel, Veritasium) decided to help viewers take a closer look at the science behind laser hair removal, using a slow motion video demonstration. Check out his fascinating video below:

In the first round of the laser treatment, the laser has a wavelength of 1,064 nanometers, making it infrared radiation, which is invisible to the naked eye. This type of light is absorbed by the melanin in dark hair, allowing the surrounding skin to go unaffected. The laser heats the strands of hair to temperatures upwards of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Since cells are damaged at only 140 degrees Fahrenheit, heating the hair to such an extreme temperature destroys the cells within the follicle that create the hair in the first place. After repeated laser treatments, the follicle will be damaged enough that the hair will never grow back.

In the video, the hair seems to sizzle out and die, leaving the area smooth and clear. Since the results are long-lasting and perfect for summer, we can definitely see the appeal of laser hair removal, and now we can finally head into our dermatologist appointments knowing exactly what the laser has in store for us.

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