Fans think Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker accidentally shared their baby’s name

kourtney kardashian and travis barker smiling at each other
Fans think Kourt and Travis shared their baby nameJeff Bottari - Getty Images
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Those who are keeping up with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's pregnancy journey will know that the parents-to-be just hosted a socially distanced, Disney-themed baby shower.

However, among the (as expected) Kardashian OTT festivities, which included a huge gothic Sleeping Beauty-esque 'Baby Barker' sign, a Snow White-inspired apple tree and Mickey Mouse-shaped food, eagle-eyed fans think they may have cracked the code to the couple's baby name.

But before we reveal, let us recap... Back in July, Travis and his 17-year-old daughter Alabama Barker appeared on an episode of Complex's GOAT Talk video series. There, the Blink-182 drummer announced that he loved the title Rocky 13. While Alabama wasn't too keen, Travis revealed the meaning behind the moniker, explaining that "Rocky George played guitar for Suicidal Tendencies and 13 is just the greatest number of all time."

Due to it being such a casual conversation - and the fact that the Kardashian-Jenners are known for their tight-lipped secrecy surrounding their newborn's names - fans quickly brushed it off, thinking Travis couldn't have possibly announced the name of his unborn son. Especially without Kourt there, either.

Now, just over two months later, the internet has gone into meltdown after the name has resurfaced, sparking speculation that Travis was actually being serious. It comes as Kourt pictured one of the guests at her baby shower pinning a note to their wishing tree, which one Reddit user zoomed in on and noticed that it read: "baby Rocky."

Of course, Kourtney swiftly removed the snap from her Stories after fans went wild over the revelation. But it didn't stop them taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the potential moniker. And the general consensus? They love it.

"Honestly Rocky is def a cute name. I'm here for Rocky Barker," one fan penned, as a second said: "That's cute!!! Rocky Barker is a very cute choice."

Regardless of whether Rocky will be the official name of Kourt and Trav's baby (or if it's just a nickname), there's one thing we do know: Mason, Penelope, Reign and Rocky does have a cute ring to it!

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