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Fans Think Joshua Bassett's New Song "Never" Could Be About Olivia Rodrigo

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Joshua Bassett just took to TikTok to post a snippet of a brand-new original song called "Never," and fans proved that they have no ability to chill. Personally, I've listened to the snippet a good 27 times to analyze Joshua's heartfelt lyrics about lost love.

"I’ve never loved someone like you / I’ve never held and been held too / I’ve never known something so true / and I’m never never never getting over you," he sings over a piano instrumental.

A ton of artists tend to pull inspiration from relationships in their day-to-day lives, and fans did not hesitate to leave their thoughts and theories in the comments of Joshua's TikTok.

"I've never dated anyone and yet this makes me feel like I've just gone through the worst breakup," user @laurenhutchy wrote.

"This sounds like a Ricky Bowen song 🥺," another user wrote, alluding to Joshua's character on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Some comments even pointed out some clues that "Never" could potentially be about Joshua's co-star, Olivia Rodrigo.

"As long as I'm your darling ANGEL...idk but this is what I thought when he said angel," user @Team.Leo.Valdez wrote. This comment compares Joshua's lyrics to those in an unreleased Olivia song called "Gross," which was also speculated to be about him.

"Is this about Sabrina or Olivia..?? Or me...." @bfiggie wrote.

Another user said, "Since the release of SOUR, he has been cursing on every song 😭 Olivia the blueprint."

While I'm all about fan theories, let this be a reminder that who the song is actually about is no one's business unless Joshua states otherwise. While we're all wondering, you can find me playing this snippet of "Never" on repeat till we get the full version.

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