Fans Are Stunned After Hearing Dolly Parton's New Christmas Song

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Jimmy Fallon and Dolly Parton Have a New Song?!NBC - Getty Images

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There's this unwritten rule that what Dolly Parton says, goes! The country queen teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to officially put the century long argument over when it's considered too early to listen to Christmas music to rest, and fans have a lot to say.

On his Halloween episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the host "wanted to keep the tradition going" after releasing a holiday song with Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande. *Record scratch* Wait, how did we miss this?! Anyway, here's a refresher if you haven't given it a listen yet:

Jimmy admitted that he's all for putting on holiday tunes as soon as possible. This year, he didn't feel the need to wait until Thanksgiving to blast Mariah Carey through the house. "If it's good, you should be able to listen to it," Jimmy argued. So, he took matters into his own hands by heading to the recording studio with "one of [his] favorite people of all time"—Dolly Parton.

The collaboration is rightfully titled "Almost Too Early for Christmas" and he shared a brief clip of the song with viewers.

"It's almost too early for Christmas / but why don't we see how this goes," the host and country star sing as the chorus begins. Jimmy continued the upbeat song clip and in honor of bringing the Christmas spirit into October, he enlisted his favorite Halloween monsters to TP the audience in tissue.

As someone who is willing to hold off on the holiday music until December, it was quite surprising to see fans' reactions in the comment section of Jimmy's video. People left messages like:

  • "This will be on repeat for me fr 😂 it sounds like a bop"

  • "I love it!! Dolly is my hero. And their voices sound great together."

  • "Dolly and Jimmy!!! The best xmas present ever!!"

  • "its NEVER too early for christmas."

"Almost Too Early for Christmas" is now available on streaming platforms, including Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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